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Obscene Desire Add to Shopping Cart
Marissa Mell, Chris Avram ENGLISH SUBS!!
Incredible sleazy film with Marisa Mell (who has lots of nude scenes) as a
woman possibly impregnated with the Devil's baby.
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Renato Polselli 1978
In Italian only, letterboxed print. Mirella Rossi stars in another sex epic by that Italian madman,
Renato (DEATH AT THE VILLA) Polselli!! A woman is seeking therapy for being raped, in fact
just about every guy she runs into wants to force her to have sex!She turns to lesbianism as
the film degenerates into a plotless shambles featuring continual nudity, weird fetishes and oh
yeah, rampant nudity. One of a kind
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Obsession Add to Shopping Cart
Frank De Niro 1992
Hula Hoop, Petra Scharbach
In Italian only. What a great title for an Italian sex film directed by Frank De Niro (aka
Pasquale Fanetti), because ol' Frank has a few things he always obsesses about when he
makes a film. In fact Frank should be first in line should Larry Flint ever decide to make--
HUSTLER MAGAZINE: THE MOVIE!! Young women (played by Hula Hoop and Petra Scharbach)
are either forced to have sex in public places or are the victims of peeping toms (and in a
unique twist, one of them here is an invisible man!).
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