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On The Edge Of A Razor Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1992
IN ITALIAN ONLY. Directed by Joe D'Amato (here using the name James Burke) is a thriller
about a woman who moves to a lakeside home where the previous tenant was murdered in her
bathtub. She becomes enamored with a handsome young man who is involved with drug
dealers and may have had a hand in the killing that opens the film
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One Sided Passion Add to Shopping Cart
Malissa Longo, Dean Stratford
In German only. Malisa (THE SHEWOLF OF SPILBERG) Longo stars in this raunchy sex film. Her
horny husband (Dean Stratford, ubiquitous star of Miles Deem Westerns, this fat bastard
probably thought he died and went to heaven when he got this part!) screws everything in sight
(he cracks an egg over a servant's rear to make sex with her easier). His crippled son spies
on all his philanderings and fantasizes about screwing his Step Mom (played by Longo).
Fortunately dear old dad croaks, giving the kid a clear shot at Mom. Lots of nudity to make up
for the foreign language.
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One Woman's Lover Add to Shopping Cart
Joe Dallasandro
Talk about an eccentric household. You have an old man who farts and slaps his mother
around, a young boy who bribes any woman he sees to show him her private parts and a little
girl who sends any animal she catches to Jesus by smashing them. Joe Dallasandro shows up
to add a little spice to a frumpy housewife's life by teaching her various sexual positions only
he knows. This was made the same year as WARHOL'S FRANKENSTEIN.
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Operation Orient Add to Shopping Cart
Ilonis Mikonis 1980
Gordon Mitchell, Anna Maria Clementi
Extremely sleazy tale of drug running in Mediterranean. Anna Maria Clementi (who along with
all the other females in the cast display mucho nudity) and Gordon Mitchell star. A drug kingpin
decides to ship Middle Eastern heroin into the US by stuffing it inside a statue. When the statue
is stolen by a rival gang all Hell breaks loose
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P.O. Box Tinto Brass Add to Shopping Cart
Tinto Brass 1994
Yowsir!! Here is Tinto Brass' latest T&A festival. The man has done for the ass
what Russ Meyer did fop the breast. This film is an anthology that is based on the letters he has
received from his female fans. It involves their fantasies and the great man even appears in
the last segment. Essential.
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