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Papaya Dei Caribi Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1978
Sirpa Lane in italian with english subs
This Joe D'Amato film is great with lots of nudity and sleaze and a little horror
(like cannibalism!) thrown in too. Sirpa (THE BEAST) Lane stars as a woman whose husband
falls under the spell of an island witch. She's determined to break the spell no matter the cost!
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Paprika Add to Shopping Cart
Tinto Brass 1990
Martine Brochard, Debora Caprioglio in italian with english subs
If you're a fan of Tinto Brass and haven't seen this, now's the time (and if you're a newcomer
to his films, this is good place to start!). An ideal place for a Tinto film...a whorehouse! Deborah
Capriglio (who I'm convinced fucked Klaus Kinski to death) stars as a busty virgin (yeah right!)
who becomes the star attraction at a brothel which is obviously based on an Italian male's wet
dream fantasy
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Passion Flower Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1990
Kristine Rose
Jeff's a drifter fresh out of prison who returns home to see his brother. On the way there he
gets picked up by a sexy blonde (Kristine Rose who is hot!) and screws her in the front seat of
her vette. Turns out this is his brother's new bride! Before long she and Jeff are plotting to kill
old bro' for the money left to him by Dad (Jeff was cut out of the will). Meanwhile, he is
screwing as many other women around town as she is men. Something tells me this
relationship ain't gonna last. Directed by Joe D'Amato
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Patricia Add to Shopping Cart
Hubert Frank 1984
Anne Parillaud
Patricia (played by LA FEMME NIKITA's Anne Parillaud) is a rich society girl who screws who she
likes when she likes. This distresses her rich industrialist father who decides she must marry
the right man to help settle her down. When daddy dies she inherits his vast fortune and soon
she becomes the target of everyone who wants to get their hands on her and her money. The
film is directed by Hubert (THE ANGEL AND THE BEASTS) Frank and is an excuse to get
Parillaud naked at every opportunity
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