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Peepshow Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1984
Jenny Tamburi, Lili Carati, Laura Gemser
Ornate Joe D'Amato sexploitation film starring Jenny Tamburi (SMILE BEFORE DEATH) as the
frustrated wife of a successful surgeon. Josephine (Laura Gemser who gets to use her own
voice here) is a friend who has the hots for her. Tamburi's husband conspires with another
surgeon at his clinic to set his wife up as a prostitute at the local whorehouse (run by Lili Carati)
because he likes to watch her be degraded. Turns out she likes the business a little too much!
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Permissive Add to Shopping Cart
Lindsay Shonteff 1970
Maggie Stride
Maggie Stride stars as a young country girl who comes to swinging London where she's quickly
lead astray into a world of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Reveals the squalor of big city life in an
all too real fashion and makes certain to ladle on the sex and sleaze while it's at it. Lindsay
Shonteff directs.
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Photo Scandal Add to Shopping Cart
Jean-Claude Roy 1979
Brigitte Lahaie, Muriel Montosse
In French with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Juliette has 2 passions, men and money. In
conjunction with her lover, she devises a scheme whereby she seduces rich young men and
women and then blackmails them for their fortunes. She uses her prostitute sister to help in the
seductions. Brigitte Lahaie and Muriel Montosse star. Directed by Jean-Claude Roy.
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