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Jesus Franco 1980
Lina Romay, Antonio Mayans
Letterboxed print. This is one of my all time favorite Jess Franco films. A woman hires a
detective (Antonio Mayans) to find her missing penis--Let me explain! She used to be a guy but
had a sex change operation. She kept her pickled dick as a reminder. She's now in love with
an important business man and is being blackmailed by the guy holding her dick (literally!). So,
the detective ends up working with 2 dingbats strippers (Lina is great in this film) much to his
dismay. Lots of witty and scatological dialogue, nudity and sleaze.
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Rene Cardona Jr in english with greek subs 1982
Here's some trash from Mexico courtesy of Rene Cardona Jr. A lady doctor is forced at
knifepoint (by a psycho in a clown mask) to drive to a secluded area where he handcuffs her
arms and legs, then ties her spread eagle (this fucker must have been a Hell of a boy scout
when it came to rope tying) in the back seat of the car and rapes her. She escapes and realizes
he was probably one of her former patients at the nuthouse where she works. She calls him up
and tells him the rape experience has liberated her and she now wants to fuck his eyes out!
The poor bastard accepts but has no idea what she has in store for him
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