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Prive Add to Shopping Cart

Bruno Mattei 2002

Claudia Taylor, Dana Ceci in italian with english subs

Letterboxed print. Bruno Mattei continues to mix sleaze, nudity and horror in the

new millennium! Claudia Taylor and Dana Ceci star in this twisted tale of a woman who gets

caught up in an S&M private club. She soon realizes that these people play for keeps and if

murder gets your rocks off, then that's what they will do. Lots of nudity and sleaze, the violence

when it comes is shocking.

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Professor Of Sex Education Add to Shopping Cart


Janet Agren, Alvaro Vitali

In Italian only. Janet Agren stars as a female sex education instructor who has no problem

filling her class with horny students (like Alvaro Vitali). When an even hornier businessman

(Lino Banfi) takes an interest, she's really in trouble! Both Agren and Marisa Merlini supply the


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Punishment Add to Shopping Cart


Karin Schubert

In French with English subtitles, letterboxed print. The source print is Japanese so below the

waist nudity is digitally censored. Karin Schubert stars in this S&M tale of degradation. She is in

love with a young jerk who decides to sell her to a guy who lets his clients come over and

perform whatever secret desires on her they have. She's whipped, chained up and forced to

participate in mutual degradation. She eventually comes to accept her role and is quite happy

to be the object of men's obsessions

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Pussycat Syndrome Add to Shopping Cart


Tina Eklund, Ajita Wilson

Wow, now this is what I'm talking about! Greek starring Ajita Wilson and big breasted Tina

Eklund, a stunning and busty beauty. These girls decide to rent a runabout and spend the week

cruising the Greek countryside looking for sex! And they are quite successful with both men

and women. They even help solve the sexual problems of a dysfunctional couple. Good stuff.

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Queen Of Sex aka Black Deep Throat
Add to Shopping Cart

Guido Zurli 1976

Ajita Wilson,

Ajita Wilson stars as a reporter who suffers from nymphomania. She learns of the mysterious

Dr Depardieu who runs an underground clinic that might cure her. In no time at all she's being

serviced by lesbians and body builders. There is an attempt to blackmail her if she doesn't

allow herself to become the queen of the big orgy and I'll be a son of a bitch if that doesn't cure

her of her problem. Directed by Guido (THE MAD BUTCHER) Zurli.

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Queen Of The Blues Add to Shopping Cart


Mary Millington

British sex queen Mary Millington stars as Double M, the secret agent with the double delights!

Set in a sleazy Soho strip club, she works behind the scenes to expose the operations of a

gang of British thugs. The way they are screwing each other, you have to wonder who will

survive long enough to pay for their dirty deeds

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