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Quiet Days In Clichy Add to Shopping Cart
Claude Chabrol 1989
Andrew McCarthy, Barbara De Rosi, Eva Grimaldi
Claude Chabrol directs Andrew McCarthy as the Henry Miller stand-in in this nudity filled take
one of the author's more notorious works. Basically, a portrayal of the life of a debauched
American living in Paris. Barbara De Rosi and Eva Grimaldi provide a lot of the flesh.
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Rape Add to Shopping Cart
Brigitte Lahaie, Pamela Stanford, Monica swinn
This may be one of Eurocine studios sleaziest films and boy is that saying something. They try
to pass this off as a documentary on Rape but it stars all the men and women who were
regularly in their films!! (like Brigitte Lahaie, Pamela Stanford and Monica Swinn). The film
consists of endless situations where women are raped, abused and then left to try and defend
themselves in court. Unbelievable!
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Reflections Of Light Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Bianchi 1988
Pamela Prati, Loredano Romito, Jessica Moore, gabriele Tinti, Laura gemser
In Italian only. Look at this cast:Pamela Prati, Gabriele Tinti, Loredana Romito, Jessica Moore
and Laura Gemser! Directed by Mario Bianchi. Tinti is a bitter paralyzed man who treats his
wife (Prati) pretty bad. She almost gives in to being seduce by her lesbian friend (Romito) but
decides to seduce the young stud who looks after the horses instead. This one delivers!
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