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Rich Bitch Add to Shopping Cart
Maria Cantudo
An Italian Greek co-production (Sergio Bergonzelli co-wrote the screenplay) that stars Maria
Cantudo and Ajita Wilson. A rich movie producer can't stand his frigid wife. Enter Anna, a
starlet who wants to screw her way to the top. What a great opportunity for both! He does what
any horny husband would do, he hires a hit man to kill his wife. Turns out someone beat him
to it and now he is the main suspect!. Lots of nudity by Cantudo
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Rimini, Rimini Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Corbucci 1987
Serena Grandi, Laura Antonelli, Sylva Koscina, Elvire Audray
. Laura Antonelli, Serena Grandi, Elvire Audray, Eleonora Brigliadori and Sylva Koscina  star in
this Italian sex comedy by Sergio Corbucci. Antonelli plays a lonely woman who is watched day
and night by her big (and I mean big!) brothers so when she finds a man she lusts after, they
do their damnedest to keep them from getting together. Then pity poor Paolo Vilaggio, he sees
Serena Grandi buck naked (and I mean butt naked) in the woods and thinks he's had a vision
of heaven. But he loses her and begins to doubt her existence, until he finally runs across her
at the beaches of RIMINI. He goes thru Hell but she ends up doing a slow seduction (she strips
to a great Joe Cocker song!!) that makes everything worthwhile. The other starlets all have
nude scenes and stories that revolve around their sexy situations so if you like sexy comedies,
this one's for you
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Robinson And His 3 Slave Girls Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1971
Anne Libert, Andrea Rau WITH ENGLISH SUBS
Anne Libert, Andrea Rau, and Ingeborg Steinbach star in this Jess Franco
film. A timid chemist creates a drug that causes all of his sexual fantasies to come true! He
runs away to an island and discovers the women there want to be his sexual slave while the
head of the tribe expects him to display his Godly powers
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Roland The Sexiest Man In The World Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1974
Lina Romay, Pamela Stanford WITH ENGLISH SUBS
l etterboxed print. Fred Williams plays the lead, a real Count who impersonates
a servant an old hotel so he can screw as many women as possible! Directed by Jess Franco,
this nudity filled film efforts is the man at his playful best. Also stars Lina Romay, Pamela 
Stanford, and Monica Swinn.
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Room Of Words Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1985
Martine Brochard, David Brandon, Linda carol
Joe D'Amato directs his version (with of course more nudity!) of Henry Miller's HENRY AND
JUNE). Martine Brochard, David Brandon and Linda Carol. henry becomes upset at first when
his wife prefers women over him, but soon adapts!
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