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Atrocious Tales Of Love And Death Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Corbucci 1979
Zeuda Araya, Ornella Muti, Marcello Mastroianni in english with greek subs
Marcello Maistroianni plays a street musician who witnesses several murders one night and
decides he must discover who the killer is. He befriends a famous Maestro (Michel Piccoli) and
is attracted to his daughter (Ornella Muti) and mistress (Zeudi Araya). All 3 were present at
each murder and so he has his hands full trying to solve the case before he becomes the next
victim. This is director Sergio Corbucci's tribute and spoof of the Giallo genre
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Baby Love Add to Shopping Cart
Alastair Reid 1974
Linda Hayden
The debut film of Linda Hayden!!She plays a Lolita-like nymphet whose parents die and so she
goes to stay with some distant relations. Pretty soon she has everyone, both male and female
lusting after her and she does nothing to discourage it! Alastair Reid directs this excellent
British sexual drama (plenty of nudity too.).
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Bambola Add to Shopping Cart
Bigas luna 1996
Valeria Marina
In Italian with english subtitles, letterboxed print. Here's one of Bigas (THE TIT AND THE MOON)
Luna's more recent films, starring Valeria Marini. Bambola drives every man she meets crazy
with lust. A convict falls for her and regularly rapes her during visits to see someone else. The
repeated attacks eventually cause Bambola to prefer sex this way, violent and done with the
force of a wild animal! No good will come of this relationship
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