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Rosino Fumo Add to Shopping Cart
Ewa Aulin
In Italian only. Offbeat sex/drama that stars Ewa (CANDY) Aulin as a country girl who goes to
the big city. She meets a nice boy and it all looks rosy till the guy and his buddies decide to
gang rape her! She finally recovers from the despicable act and hunts them down one by one
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Rotten To The Core Add to Shopping Cart
Charlotte Rampling
Excellent British caper film about 3 ex-cons who teamup with a crook to pull off a major
robbery. Of course things go horribly wrong. Early role for Charlotte Rampling who looks
terrific (and appears in a variety of sexy nightgowns for cheesecake appeal!). Ian Bannen co-
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Scandal Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Bergonzelli 1971
Glenn Saxson, Malisa Longo
All I can say is, it's directed by Sergio Bergonzelli so you know it delivers the Eurotrash goods!
A new teacher (Glenn Saxon) shows up on campus where students are rebelling against
everything. Christiana (Malisa Longo) is the sexpot of the class who believes in free love. She
plans on seducing the professor but ends up almost being seduced by his lesbian wife! She
doesn't give up and they end up screwing at every opportunity. Then, as is typical in a
Bergonzelli film, things turn violent with rape and death coming before the end credits
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Scandal In The Family Add to Shopping Cart
Gloria Guida, Lucretia Love
Italian sex kitten Gloria Guida stars as a potential heiress to a family fortune. One of the
competeing heirs, Antonio, has the hots for her but she leaves him frustrated and marries
someone else. He is soon concocting all types of schemes to get in Gloria's pants (and who can
blame him!). Lots of nudity and Lucretia (ZENABEL) Love co-stars
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Scandalous Gilda Add to Shopping Cart
Gabriele Lavia 1985
Monica Gueritorre, Gabriele Lavia
Excellent Italian sexploitation film starring the husband and wife team of Gabriele Lavia and
Monica Guerritore (EVIL SENSES). A woman discovers her husband screwing around on her so
she ups and leaves. She comes across a weird stranger who happens to be a cartoonist (wait
till you see his animated cartoon about talking penises!) and they make love in a Hotel nearby.
Things get really strange when she demands he pay for her services with his life. In turn, he
can do whatever he wants to her before she collects. Their escapades (which include rape and
murder) makes the couple from LAST TANGO IN PARIS look like THE BRADY BUNCH!.
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