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Scandalous Liasons Add to Shopping Cart


Dalia Di Lazzaro, Florence Guerin

Helen (Dalila Di Lazarro) is rich, powerful and being blackmailed for screwing around with

deadbeat strangers. She also runs a female modelling agency that, in her opinion, doesn't wear

enough sexy outfits. One of her best models (a stauesque blonde) also works as a prostitute

for her boyfriend and he may be one of the ones involved in blackmailing Helen. She doesn't

seem too worried as she decides to take a female lover (Florence Guerin) who has her own axe

to grind. This thriller has lots of nudity mixed with a convoluted plot. Previously available in


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Scent Of Passion Add to Shopping Cart

Frank De Niro 1990


Malu returns in this thriller by Pasquale Fanetti. Jeff is a perfectionist and decides to take to the

streets to fulfill his sexual fantasies. He meets Violette and molds her into a perfect sex slave.

Unfortunately for Jeff, Violette meets Celeste, his former lover and the poor bastard gets

nudged out of the relationship again!

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Schoolgirl Report 13 Add to Shopping Cart


In German only. You have to love this endless German sex series that features every excuse in

the book to show women in stages of undress. They use the fake documentary approach to be

able to do this. A girl gets caught shoplifting some black panties and of course to keep from

going to jail, she has sex with the guy who caught her. When her boyfriend discovers she's not

a virgin he kicks her out. She can't take it and kills the guy responsible for ruining her life. But

did she really do it? Plus many more stories all with plenty of nudity!!

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Scirocco Add to Shopping Cart

Aldo Lado 1987

Fiona Gelin in english with greek subs

Terrific thriller by director Aldo (WHO SAW HER DIE?) Lado starring Fiona Gelin as a young

woman who comes to the Middle East to be with her boyfriend. After screwing their brains out,

she ends up getting separated from him and becoming involved with the local customs (you

know, white slavers and scumbags). Steamy with plenty of nudity, Lado proves he's an

excellent filmmaker, no matter the genre

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Secret World Add to Shopping Cart


Jacqueline Bisset

Weird British/French thriller starring Jacqueline Bissett as a woman who is trying to help a

mentally disturbed adolescent. What She doesn't know is he might be capable of murder

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Sedicianni Add to Shopping Cart

Tizano Longo 1973

Anthony Steffen, Ely Galleani, Eva Czmerys

In italian only. Tizano Longo (he produced DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE) directs this LOLITA-like

tale of a 16yr old nymphet (Ely Galleani) who wants to seduce her older sister's (Eva

Czemerys) husband (Anthony Steffen). She continually prick teases the poor guy until he

reaches his limit. Does he give in or not? Both actresses have plentiful nude scenes.

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