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Sex Object Add to Shopping Cart
In Italian Only. A woman comes to visit her sister. Not long after arriving, she spies on a
lovemaking session involving her sister, sister's husband and the maid. She decides to seduce
her sister's son, but he's so disgusted with his parent's behavior that he resists. She perseveres
and finally pops the guy's cherry. However, she had an ulterior motive for doing so and when
the poor bastard learns why, he's ready to kill himself.
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Sex Of Their Bodies Add to Shopping Cart
Beba Loncar, Zeudi Araya in english with greek subs
aka THE SINNER A sexy film starring Zeudi Araya and Beba Loncar (both actresses have LOTS
of nude scenes. This is the uncut version and runs 8 minutes longer that THE SINNER. A young
man takes his girlfriend to a beautiful island paradise and promptly dumps her for the bronze
beauty Araya. A dangerous dual seduction unfolds.
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