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Sexual Temptation Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Bergonzelli 1986
In German only. Director Sergio Bergonzelli (BLOOD DELIRIUM) doesn't disappoint fans of
softcore Italian sexploitation with this nudity filled piece of sleaze. A photographer, who likes to
screw his models, decides he's had enough of his wife's complaints so decides to kill her. She
ends up surviving and plots revenge on him and all his lovers (and with all the ones he's
screwed, it may take awhile!).
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Sexy Sisters Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1977
Pamela Stanford, Karine Gambier, Jack Taylor
One of my all time favorite Jess Franco films is now available uncut, in English and letterboxed!
It was released here in a cut pan and scan version under the title SEXY SISTERS. Karine
Gambier is a nymphomaniac who is chained to her bed by her evil sister (Pamela Stanford).
Stanford plots with her boyfriend to have her sister murdered so she can inherit the family
fortune. A ton of nudity, weird psychdelic like dreams and more sleaze than usual makes this a
Franco gem.
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Sexy Tramp Add to Shopping Cart
Manuel Esteba 1981
In Spanish only. Manuel Esteba directs this excellent mixture of sex and horror. A young
woman is brutally gang raped on the beach and a lesbian has her throat slit. The raped woman
and the lesbian's lover hunt down the men who committed these crimes. They use their bodies
to lure them and then out comes the knives and straight razors!! Lots of nudity, lesbianism and
bloody violence.
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She Devils Of The SS Add to Shopping Cart
Erwin C Dietrich 1978
German sexploitation at its finest! Thirty women volunteer to serve Hitler in any way possible.
They are disappointed to learn that they are expected to stay behind the front lines and not
participate directly in the action. So, they take great pride in lowering the morals of all the men
in camp. Eventually they are promoted to the battlefields and find out they were much better
off where they were! Directed by Erwin C. Dietrich.
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