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She Likes To Watch Add to Shopping Cart
Paola senatore, Lucretia Love
In Italian Only. Paola Senatore plays a horny, frustrated wife. She contemplates fooling around
with a friend of her husband's but doesn't realize, he's already fooling around with one of her
friends (Lucretia Love). He apparently wants a child and can't get it up because of his wife's
lack of fertility. Well, give her credit for hanging in there (like involving him in a threesome!).
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She-Wolf Of Spilberg Add to Shopping Cart
Malissa Longo
A Eurocine ripoff of the Ilsa movies, this time it's Helga (played by Malisa Longo) who's in
charge of a women's facility for political prisoners. Helga, being the good bi-sexual bitch
warden the job demands, spends her time whipping, having sex, and if they're really good,
letting the guards gang bang her charges! When two of her prisoners escape, Helga goes
apeshit and orders their deaths. Unfortunately for her, the other prisoners have had enough
and plot their revenge.
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Shining Sex Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1975
Lina Romay
letterboxed print. lina Romay (or should I say her hairless crotch!) stars as an
exotic dancer whose private parts become lethal after she is infected by 2 aliens who watch her
act. Soon she is seducing both men and women and killing them with her, well you know!!
Directed by Jess Franco.
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Sin Add to Shopping Cart
George Pan Cosmatos 1971
Raquel Welch, Richard Johnson, Frank Wolff in english with greek subs
)-Raquel Welch, Richard Johnson and Frank Wolff star in this earthy drama about 2 Greek
brothers. Wolff is married to Welch but she is not satisfied with him. After she makes love to
Johnson, there's no turning back as they go at it like 2 dogs in heat. Needless to say tragedy is
going to strike the illicit relationship very hard as they literally chop each other to death with a
knife and an axe!!. Welch is quite sexy as the earthy love goddess and while she has no overt
nude scenes, she comes close here! Directed by George Pan Cosmatos
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