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Skin Deep Add to Shopping Cart


Lili Carati, Cicciolina in english with dutch subs

A young couple (the girl is played by a young Lili Carati who would later become a D'amato

regular) are on vacation when they meet a free-wheeling pair of nudists from Denmark. In

about a half-a-second everyone decides to go butt naked and by God, they stay that way the

rest of the film. They trade off sexual partners before true love finally wins out

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Slap In The Face Add to Shopping Cart

Rolf Thiele 1970

Curd Jurgens, Nadja Tiller, Alexandra Stewart in english with greek subs

Made at the height of sixties hippie madness, Curd Jurgens plays a rich fart who gets mixed up

with free love in the forms of Alexandra Stewart and Nadja Tiller! Rolf Thiele directs and makes

sure there are plenty of nudity, psychedelic lights and drugs for everyone

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Smartie Pants Add to Shopping Cart
in english with greek subs

aka SCHOOLGIRL REPORT 10. One thing great about this German sex comedy series is it never

stints on the nudity. As usual in this series a series of situations revolve around the wanton

and loose morals of today's youth.

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So Young, So Beautiful, So Vicious Add to Shopping Cart

Silvio Amadio 1974

Gloria Guida, Dagmar Lassander widescreen

By the director of AMUCK, this stars Gloria Guida (a Barbara Bouchet lookalike, only younger)

as a cold hearted bitch out to disgrace her Father's new bride (played by raven-haired beauty

Dagmar Lassander). She sends her boyfriend to seduce her and when that doesn't work ol'

Gloria decides to do it herself!

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Some Like It Sexy Add to Shopping Cart

Donovon Winter 1970

Collinson Twins, Madeleine Smith

Fans of Hammer film starlets will definitely want to check out this prime piece of British

sexploitation by director Donovon Winter. It feature the Collinson twins (TWINS OF EVIL) and

Maddy Smith (THE VAMPIRE LOVERS) in all their undraped glory!! In fact, the twins have a

great scene where they start off seducing our stud hero and end up exhausting him and then

going at each other in a lesbian liplock!! The story centers around a day in the life of a British

sex maniac who goes to see his many girlfriends and screw their brains out.

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Somewhere Beyond Love Add to Shopping Cart


Giuliano Gemma, Stefania Sandrelli in english with greek subs

Giuliano Gemma and Stefania Sandrelli star in this tale of doomed lovers by Luigi Commenci.

They fall in love and ultimately pay a high price

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