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Son Of Hitler Add to Shopping Cart
Rod Amateau 1978
Bud Cort, Peter Cushing
Black comedy by Rod Amateau that stars Peter Cushing and Bud Cort. Cort is really Hitler's
illegitimate son who is oblivious to his true origins. Hunted down by Cushing (in a masterfully
evil yet comedic performance) he is soon turned into a new age Nazi and ready to begin the
Fourth Reich! Tasteless and painful to watch at times, you really have to wonder what the Hell
were they thinking?! Co-stars include Anton Diffring, Leo Gordon, Felicity Dean (supplies the
pulcritude) and good ol Herbert (MARK OF THE DEVIL) Fux.
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Stop Calling Me Baby Add to Shopping Cart
Eric Le Hung 1978
Sydne Rome, Jodie Foster, Jean Yanne
Starring Jodie Foster, Jean Yanne, and Sydne Rome and directed by Eric Le Hung. No doubt
Jodie Foster wants this skeleton well hidden in her closet! She plays a horny virgin who wants
to get laid. Her sister (Sydne Rome who has lots of nudity!) has a well hung truck driver
boyfriend (Jean Yanne) who Foster lusts after.
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Striptease Add to Shopping Cart
German Lorente 1977
Corine Clery, Terence Stamp, Fernando rey
Letterboxed print. If you're a fan of Corrine Clery (THE STORY OF O), you need this film! She
stars as a stripper who gets involved in a complex murder plot. Director German Lorente
utilizes a great cast (Terence Stamp, Fernando Rey) and exotic locations for a satisfying slice of
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Summer Night Fever Add to Shopping Cart
Siggi Gotz 1978
Gianni Garko, Olivia Pascal, Betty Verges in english with greek subs
Gianni Garko. It's the usual soft-core hi-jinks with 2 horny guys headed to the discos on the
Mediterranean  so they can get laid. Well they meets up with Pascal and Verges and their luck
goes through all kinds of ups and downs! Directed by Siggi Gotz. Hot stuff. 
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Summer Temptation Add to Shopping Cart
Piero Vivarelli 1988
Moana Pozzi, Petra Scharbach, Hula Hoop
Director Piero Vivarelli goes the Frank De Niro route by getting Petra Scharbach and Hula Hoop
to star, along with Moana Pozzi, in this raunchy softcore opus. Petra and Hula play a professor's
daughter and school friend who are dying to seduce him (and if that's not successful, they
have each other!). Needless to say his wife (Moana Pozzi) isn't real happy about this. Petra and
Hula decide to kill her off and just when it looks like they have succeeded (Lord knows they
have screwed the Professor enough times), surprises start to indicate otherwise
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