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Surburban Wives Add to Shopping Cart
Derek Ford 1977
Eva Whisham, Maggie Wright
Here's a sequel to last update's British sex comedy, COMMUTER HUSBANDS, and this one's
even better! The film opens with a bang (gang bang that is!) as thepatrons from a bar (male
and female) join in the fun. The wives of successful men are bored to death and decide to
begin a game that involves plenty of sex and starngers. Plentiful nudity in this British sex film
starring Eva Whisham, Maggie wright, Claire Gordon and directed by Derek Ford.
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Sweet Body Of Bianca Add to Shopping Cart
Ilonis Mikonis 1980
Marina Frajese, Mario Cutini
An Italian Greek co-production that stars Marina Frajese and Mario Cutini (they were both in
PLAY MOTEL). Frajese and her sicko husband enslave young girls in their house, chaining them
up, whipping them and forcing them to have sex with them and whoever else happens to come
and visit. Bianca is their latest conquest but she may be a tougher nut to crack then they
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Sweet Spirits Add to Shopping Cart
Farley Granger, Erika Blanc
Well, if you're a fan of Erika Blanc you need this one as she has lots of nude scenes! Farley
Granger plays an artist who is suffering severe depression because of the death of his wife. He
meets Blanc and is inspired again in his work. There is however, something very weird about
her. She seems to love sex but is ignorant about relationships (hell she's the easiest girl in the
world to seduce!). Granger soon discovers she's a ghost! Can he keep her in this world and
teach her about love or lose her to the spirit world forever?
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Sweet Torture Add to Shopping Cart
Edouard Molinaro 1972
Marc Porel, Philippe Noiret, Roger Hanin, Caroline Cellier
Excellent French thriller by Edouard Molinaro starring Marc Porel as a punk thief who robs a
circus and stashes the cash. Two cops (Philippe Noiret and Roger Hanin) devise a sinister plan
to get him to confess where he hid the money. They lock him in a room and play mind games
on him and his new bride (Caroline Cellier). Before it's all over, he breaks down and she
commits suicide
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