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Sweet Young Thing Add to Shopping Cart
The French just love making films set at girl's school for nubile nymphos and here's another
one. The girls are all sex crazed and spend every waking hour seducing every stray male in
the place. When a strict new female teacher shows up things look bad until the girls discover
she's a lesbian!!
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Szamanka Add to Shopping Cart
Andrzej Zulawski 1996
In Polish with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Here's the newest film by maverick director
Andrzej (POSSESSION) Zulawski and folks, it's his weirdest, sickest film yet (he supposedly put
his lead actress through so much shit, she had a nervous breakdown!). The film involves
violent explicit sex, shamanism and even cannibalism. An anthropologist discovers the remains
of an ancient shaman in a peat bog. He starts hallucinating that the dead guy is talking to him
about the end of the world. Meanwhile a nutcase girl he meets demands he screw her
practically 24 hours a day so she won't go crazy (believe me folks, she's already there). An
outrageous experience
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Take It Easy professor Add to Shopping Cart
Steno 1971
Lando Buzzanca, Rosanna Podesta in english with spanish subs
Rossana Podesta and Lando Buzzanca star in this clever Italian sex comedy. Buzzanca plays a
small town teacher who is transferred to the big city where he's constantly under attack for his
outmoded ideas. He's also shocked by the fact that students and teachers alike are trying to
either kill or seduce him! Steno directs
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