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Beautiful Trieste Add to Shopping Cart

Joy Fleury 1985

Charlotte Rampling, Andrej Zulawski, Myriem Roussel

Letterboxed print, in French with English and Greek subs! Charlotte Rampling, Andrzej Zulawski

(yes the famous Polish Director in an acting role!!), Myriem Roussel and Beatrice Agenin star

in this drama directed by Joy Fleury. Well if you like to see Rampling nude, this film delivers as

soon as the credits are over!! Rampling plays a lesbian who talks her girlfriend into seducing a

man (played by Zulawski) who jilted her many years ago. She .does so and humiliates him

much to Rampling's distress. Is Rampling still in love with him? The young girl Roussel (who is

REALLY HOT STUFF AND HAS LOTS OF NUDE SCENES!) decides to also seduce his son to get

back at Rampling and from there things really get screwed up! A very erotic film. A word about

the subtitles. This is a Greek video release (that's almost 20 years old!) and so they released

an English subtitled print and then put Greek subs over the top of the English ones. You can

usually read them before that happens or they don't cover up the English subs but it may be a

distraction to some but without them it would be very hard to follow the story. With them it

requires a bit of work, but once you get used to it, it isn't so bad, and oh yea, there are no subs

during the nudity!

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Beauty And The Beast Add to Shopping Cart


Elisabeth Hummel in italian with english subs

letterboxed print. Elisabeth Hummel from the BEAST stars in this DECAMERON-

type ripoff featuring a bevy of tales centered around horny wives and dumbass husbands. The

Slave-a king is humiliated by his sex crazed queen. Zoorastia-A king imprisons his wife with 2

big dogs and a horse and they end up raping her till she goes mad!.La Fustazione-A young man

learns he loves to be beaten and his cousin learns she likes to do the beating

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Bedside Headmaster Add to Shopping Cart

John Hilbard 1972

Annie Garde in english with greek subs

Swedish sex comedy starring Annie Garde and directed by john Hilbard. The head of a boy's

school is having trouble satisfying his wife (he can't get it up). But after constantly exposed to

the naked flesh of all those beautiful blonde swedish sex bombs, he rediscovers his manhood

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Bedtime Stories Add to Shopping Cart



Notorious sex star and Italian Parliament member Ilona Staller aka Cicciolina stars as the

fantasy of a young man who becomes obsessed with her day and night. She finally sets up a

meeting and boy does this guy get lucky!

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Belle Da Moriere Add to Shopping Cart

Bruno Mattei 2001

In Italian only, letterboxed print. Alright, Bruno Mattei returns with an incredibly sleazy tale set

in the world of lap dancing! Bruno (not the director!) owns the best strip joint in town but his

dancers are dying in weird accidents. Is he somehow perversely responsible or are his dancers

(whom he screws regularly) just having a run of bad luck? Lots of nudity and some beautiful

actresses make this a winner.

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