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The Au Pair Girl Add to Shopping Cart
Gloria Guida
Beautiful Gloria Guida (SO SWEET SO LOVELY SO VISCIOUS) plays Domenica, a country girl
who comes to Rome looking for work in this Italian sex comedy. The house where she's to
begin employment features a Don Juan type, an ex-prostitute and a lesbian teacher. They all
want a roll in the sack with Gloria and by movie's end she damn near makes everybody happy.
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The Banker Add to Shopping Cart
Romy Schneider
In French with English subtitles. Romy Schneider stars as notorious lesbian who uses her skills
in high finace to create an empire that drives her male competitors crazy. Ennio Morricone
supplies the excellent score
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The Berlin Affair Add to Shopping Cart
Liliana Cavina 1985
Philippe Leroy, Mio Takaki in ITALIAN WITH ENGLISH SUBS
Here's the uncut 2 hour version of this notorious film by Liliana Cavina, which runs 25 minutes
longer than previous English language versions. Kevin McNally, Philippe Leroy, and Mio Takaki
star in this tale of a forbidden lesbian love affair during the Nazi regime in Germany.
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The Black Aphrodite Add to Shopping Cart
Saul Flipstein 1978
Ajita Wilson, Anik Borel
Fans of Ajita Wilson and the big breasted Anik (WEREWOLF WOMAN) Borel (who has some
great lesbian scenes!) will love this one! An Amazon type played by Wilson rules an island with
an iron fist. A group of researchers arrive and before too long a conflict develops. A terrific mix
of sex and violence, this Greek/Italian co-production is directed by Saul Flipstein, highly
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