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The Black Maid Add to Shopping Cart

Mario Bianchi 1976

Gianni Dei, Femi Benussi

An Italian sex comedy directed by Mario Bianchi. A black maid shows up at an apartment house

to go to work for the Lombardi family (Gianni Dei plays the son). All the horny men in the

building plot ways to get her into their beds. Meanwhile, another maid (played by Femi Benussi)

gets upset that she is losing both business and the attentions of the Lombardi son. The two

women repeatedly attack each other until only one is left standing (or lying down as the case

may be).

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The Coming Of Sin Add to Shopping Cart

Jose Larraz 1977

Letterboxed print. This Jose (VAMPYRES) Larraz film was first released in a cut 72 minute print

under the title VIOLATION OF THE BITCH. This version is 10 minutes longer and restores the

film to its sleazy heights. Triana is abeautiful gypsy girl who stays with a lonely woman in the

country. Pretty soon a lesbian relationship begins but it is shattered by the arrival of a young

guy who ends up seducing both women. Madness and murder soon result in this nudity packed


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The Conjugal Debt Add to Shopping Cart


Barbara Bouchet, Anita Ekberg in english with greek subs

An unhappily married man decides to leave his wife (Anita Ekberg) and join his friend for some

wild adventures on the road. They end up with the beautiful wife Barbara Bouchet) of a

fisherman who sells her to them. To say she's a bit of a free spirit is an understatement! She

allows them to auction off her clothes to some horny villagers and takes bets on which of her

breasts weigh the most. Brief nudity but Bouchet has never looked better!

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The Country Lady Add to Shopping Cart


Serena Grando, Silvia Dionisio, Philippe Leroy

IN ITALIAN ONLY. Serena Grandi's film debut has her playing a housekeeper at the estate of an

aging landowner. He ends up screwing every woman in the household as a show of his power.

His son is disgusted by all this and tries to leave but changes his mind when a new woman

(played by Silvia Dionisio) enters the picture. This earthy film is reminescent of the style of

Tinto Brass.

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The Darkside Of Love Add to Shopping Cart

Salvatore Samperi 1986

Monica Guerritore in english with chinese subs

Another terrific and disturbing film by the master Salvatore (CORRUPTION, SCANDALOUS

GILDA) Samperi. A disturbed young man slowly develops a real lust for his older sister (Monica

Guerritore). She fights him off but eventually gives in. Lots of nudity makes this morbid little

number a real winner

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