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The Divine Nymph Add to Shopping Cart
Giuseppe Patron Griffi 1979
Terence Stamp, Laura Antonelli in english with greek subs
Here is the uncut version of this Laura Antonelli film with almost 20 minutes of extra footage
including more subplots and nudity! Terence Stamp is a man drawn to a prostitute who soon
becomes a dangerous obsession for him. Powerful and now totally uncut at 110 minutes! Great
score by Ennio Morricone
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The Esotic Jewel Add to Shopping Cart
Alberto Cavellone 1980
Patricia Behn, Ornella Picozzi
In Italian only. Cult sex film director Alberto Cavellone (MAN, WOMAN AND BEAST) directs this
twisted tale of 2 sisters (Patricia Behn and Ornella Picozzi) Exposure to a weird jewel turns
them into ravishing nymphomaniacs!!
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The Executor Add to Shopping Cart
Michel Caputo 1985
Brigitte Lahaie in french with english subs
The genius behind WHITE SLAVERY IN ST. TROPEZ (Michel Caputo) directs this film starring
Brigitte Lahaie as a cop who wears black leather, kicks bad guy butt and fucks like a snake!
The action centers around a nightclub that's really a center for prostitution, drugs and porno
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The Fruit Is Ripe Add to Shopping Cart
Olivia Pascal
Patricia is part exhibitionist, part prick teaser. She's supposed to return to Munich and continue
her studies, but opts to stay in Greece and bum around. Of course she meets various studs
who all want to jump her bones at every opportunity. She teams up with a local guy living on a
boat and off they go, to sail and screw. She ends up falling for the guy but he has problems
with her wanton ways. Olivia Pascal costars
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