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The Girl Add to Shopping Cart
Arne Mattson 1984
Franco Nero, Christopher Lee, Claire Powney, Bernice Steigers
Very weird and disturbing film about a 16 year old girl (played by Claire Powney) who seduces
a respected and powerful lawyer (franco Nero). He leaves his wife and they spend all their time
together screwing their brains out. A reporter is on to their story and decides to ruin Nero's
reputation, that's when the fsixteen year old turns deadly! There are many more plot twists to
be found in this excellent LOLITA-like film. Christopher Lee shows up 90 minutes into the film
and practically steals it as policeman who never gives up. Bernice (FROZEN TERROR) Stegers
co-stars as Nero's wife, Arne Mattsson directs
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The Girl You Like To Watch Add to Shopping Cart
Pamela Prati
In Italian Only. A man in his early fifties is suffering from impotence and at the same time he's
obsessed with the fold-out queen in a men's magazine (Pamela Prati, real life favorite of the
Italian version of Playboy). Pretty soon he's imagining her nude body everywhere and becomes
a virile sex machine. Is this really happening or is it all a dream?
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The Girls Of Don Juan Add to Shopping Cart
Anne Libert
Sexy French film starring Anne Libert of Jess Franco film fame. She along with her college
buddies decide to become dancers and boy are they fast learners.
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The Gluttons Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1973
Alice Arno, Robert Woods, Lina Romay
In French with english subs. For fans of Jess Franco's AMAZONES, here's its companion work, shot back to
back with the same cast. An island full of beautiful women have insatiable sex drives, known to
exhaust all men who invade their space. Maciste is sent in to overpower them sexually or die
trying (what a way to go!). Alice Arno, Lina Romay co-star
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The Gypsy Add to Shopping Cart
Jose Giovanni 1974
Alain Delon, Annie Giradot, Marcel Bofuzzi
Letterboxed print. One of Alain Delon's best films, he plays the titular character, a wanted
murderer on the run. He has the sympathy of the people and so of course the police want him
exterminated as soon as possible. Marcel Bofuzzi plays the iron ass cop on his trail. the film
was directed by Jose Giovanni and co-stars Annie Giradot
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