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The Last harem Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Garrone 1981
Corine Clery, George Lazenby, Mirta Miller, Ursula Buchfellner in english with japanese subs
First time in English for this sleazy Sergio Garrone (SS EXPERIMENTS) film starring George 007
Lazenby and Corrine (THE STORY OF O) Clery. Lazenby is an Arab Prince with a beautiful wife
(Clery) and a large harem (which co-stars Ursurla Buchfellner and Mirta Miller). When the wife
is found dead, he suspects one of the girls in his harem. The film flashes back to reveal Clery's
attempts to disband Lazenby's harem which upset them enough to motivate someone to kill
her. Letterboxed print from Japan with one scene digitally censored.
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The Love Box Add to Shopping Cart
Alison King, Maggie Wright, Jane Cardew
Excellent British Sexploitation film about the behind the scenes goings on of a skin magazine
and its sleazy adverts section couples use to meet each other. Clients include bored
housewives who secretly lust for a stud to fill their fantasies, a teenage virgin who wants to be
broken in by an older woman, and a couple ready to try a little wife swapping. Alison King,
Maggie Wright and Jane Cardew co-star
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The Love Pill Add to Shopping Cart
Henry Woolf, Toni Sinclair, Melinda Churcher
Hilarious and nudity filled British sex comedy about a small village where the women are all
horny but no one ever gets pregnant. Scientists discover a locally made sugar candy is the
reason and so they manufacture it for sale in London. Pretty soon all of London's women are
attacking guys left and right! Henry Woolf, Toni Sinclair, and Melinda Churcher co-star
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