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The Mask Add to Shopping Cart
Ignacio Iquino 1982
Rosa Valenty, Eva Libertin
In Spanish only. Hot stuff by Ignacio Iquino director of HOT PANTIES and starring Rosa
Valenty, Eva Libertin, Patrizia Adriani, Maria Martin, and Silvia Solar. The film centers a young
woman's realization that she is attracted to an older woman. They fight it for a long time but
eventually give in to their base desires
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The Meadow Add to Shopping Cart
The Tavannini Brothers 1978
Isabella rosselini
In italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print. First time with English subtitles, this film
directed by the Tavanini brothers features the film debut of Isabella Rosselini. You can't really
summarize a Tavanini Brothers film, you just watch and revel in its etheral weirdness. It has a
beautiful score by Ennio Morricone, check it out for a real change of pace.
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The Milky Way Add to Shopping Cart
Mickey Rooney, Emma Suarez, Marianne Sagebrecht
In Spanish with English subtitles. What a bizarre film this is!! Mickey Rooney plays a rich
industrialist who decides he wants to be a baby again. So, he starts wearing diapers, refuses to
speak anything but baby talk and hires the huge breasted Marianne Sagebrecht to wet nurse
him. This Spanish made embarrassment also stars Geraldine Chaplain and Emma Suarez
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The Minor Add to Shopping Cart
Silvio Amadio 1974
Gloria Guida, Rosemary Dexter WITH ENGLISH SUBS
 The director of AMUCK (Silvio Amadio) is the genuis behind this terrific softcore
film starring the luscious Gloria Guida. The film opens with Guida walking to school and being
raped visciously by a motorcycle gang. Turns out she has an active fantasy life (others include
behind stripped, put on a cross and whipped during the times of the Inquisition and being
seduced by a nun). After graduating she returns home to find Daddy has married a younger
woman (Rosemary Dexter). Needless to say they don't get along. She is also trying to find
some local stud to take her virginity and is having no luck there either because of her age! Lots
of nudity by Guida in the type of film that made her an sex star in Italy during the seventies
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The Mistress Is Served Add to Shopping Cart
Senta Berger, Erika Blanc
In Italian with English subtitles. Facing financial ruin, a Count committs suicide. His crooked
business partner shows up at his villa with the idea of taking it over to help cancel the dead
man's debts. When he arrives he discovers the Count's wife (Senta Berger), sister (Erika
Blanc), and horny young daughter ripe for the pickings. All three of them have the hots for his
younger son (and all three have nice nude scenes too!). Photography is by future softcore
director Pasquale Fanetti (aka Frank De Niro!). This is a longer version of the film THE MISTRESS
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