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The Models Add to Shopping Cart
Lucretia love, Paola Senatore
Boy, Italian exploitation doesn't come much better than this!! Lucretia Love and Paola Senatore
are models and lesbian lovers so of course there's wall to wall nudity! Both are insanely
jealous of each other and both decide to try a man for a change of pace. It gets complicated in
a hurry but what the hell, it's Italian exploitation at its finest!!
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The New Black Emanuelle Add to Shopping Cart
Aldaberto Albertini 1976
Laura Gemser, Dagmar Lassander
Letterboxed print. When Joe D'Amato stole away Laura Gemser for his BLACK EMMANUELLE
series, original director Aldaberto Albertini decided to create a new series with a new black
actress, Sharon Leslie. This is certainly sleazier than the D'Amato films as here she is raped
and treated like an animal so she can be the personal sex slave of a nut bag mercenary. A
psychiatrist is trying to help her recover from amnesia of this situation by exploring her past
and how she came to be put in this horrible situation. Dagmar Lassander co-stars and of course
contributes nudity too!
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The Nights Of Sex Add to Shopping Cart
Filippo Walter Ratti 1971
Pierre Brice, Patrizia Viotti in italian with english subs
Amateur detective Jean Dupris (Pierre Brice) is summoned to the home of his friend, Gil. Not
long after Dupris and his wife (Patrizia Viotti) arrive, Gil dies in his sleep. Gil's companion turns
out to be a witch who kidnaps women, engages them in sex orgies and then kills them when
she's through. Dupris decides to hang around and help solve these strange murders.
Unfortunately, he doesn't notice that his wife has fallen under the control of the lesbian witch
(what a dunce!). Director Filippo Ratti (hiding under the name Peter Rush) started his career in
the early forties but apparently had no trouble depicting the world of the perverse seventies.
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The Nude Maid Add to Shopping Cart
Luigi Cozzi 1975
Irene Miracle, Erika Blanc
In Italian only, letterboxed print. Here's a sexploitation skeleton in director Luigi Cozzi's closet.
Irene (INFERNO) Miracle plays a young woman who goes to work as a maid at an apartment
building. Before long, all the male (and some female) tenants have the hots for her. She's
seduced by a lesbian (Erika Blanc!), a porno film producer, but finally falls for the Mr. Right (too
bad, I was hoping Erika would succeed!). Plentiful nudity by Ms Miracle
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