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The Nude Princess Add to Shopping Cart
Cesare Canevari 1984
Luigi Pistilli, Ajita Wilson, Tina Aumont
In Italian with English subtitles. Director Cesare Canevari (LAST ORGY OF THE 3RD REICH) got
Ajita Wilson to star in this sleazy tale of Princess who comes to the big city to escape the
violence of her own country. Turns out she finds both male (Luigi Pistilli) and female (Tina
Aumont) companionship. Probably one of the sleaziest films those 2 ever appeared in!
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The Occasion Add to Shopping Cart
Jose Larraz 1979
Perverse tale by Jose Larraz about a couple who go to their beach house to
relax only to discover it's been ransacked by hippies! The wife (Teresa Gimpera who actually
performs nude in a few scenes) won't let her husband touch her and so he begins to notice
various free love types, who spend a lot of their time on the beach butt naked. The Manson-like
leader breaks into the couple's home and forces Gimpera to have sex with him while hubby
has to sit by and listen. Turns out she loves it and gets REAL upset when the police finally show
up and drag his sorry ass off
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The Perfect Friday Add to Shopping Cart
Ursula Andress, Stanley Baker
Excellent British thriller starring Stanley Baker as a stuffy bank manager who meets Ursula
Andress (She provides plenty of nudity!) and together they decide to rob the bank. Andress'
ex-husband (An eccentric performance by David Warner) also gets involved and really screws
things up
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