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077 Operation Hong Kong Add to Shopping Cart
Helmut Ashley 1964
Brad Harris, Horst Frank, Maria perschy in English with Korean subs
In English with Korean Subtitles. Maria Perschy, Brad Harris, and Horst Frank star in this sixties
espionage tale directed by Helmut Ashley (director of some of the German Edgar Wallace
series). There is a seedy Oriental underground drug trade that is poisoning the youth of
America so an American and German operative are brought in to solve the problem. Harris and
Frank are quite good and Perschy looks great and can act too.
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28 Minutes For $3 Million Add to Shopping Cart
Maurizio Pradeaux 1967
Richard Harrison, Erna Scheurer in English with dutch subs
Letterboxed print. Here's an Italian caper film in the mold of 7 GOLDEN MEN. Richard Harrison
leads a team of experts who plan on stealing a huge diamond from an impregnable vault. As
the title states, they only have 28 minutes to do it. Erna Scheurer co-stars and Maurizio (DEATH
STEPS IN THE DARK) Pradeaux directs
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3 Golden Serpents Add to Shopping Cart
Tony Kendall, Brad Harris LETTERBOXED PRINT
Sinister Cinema has a washed out brown looking print of this Kommissar X film under the title:
ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS. Well here it is in beautiful color. Sleazy tale of girls kidnapped and
sold into white slavery. Agents Tony Kendall and Brad Harris save the day
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4 Billion In 4 Minutes Add to Shopping Cart
John Richardson, Antonio Sabato, Lea lander in English with Dutch subs
The Professor (John Richardson) and a mad dog roommate (Antonio Sabato) escape from
prison. The Professor's gang, who pulled off a big robbery while he was in jail, want to divide
the loot to their advantage. The solution is to plan an even bigger job but with a nutcase like
Sabato plus a traitor involved, it's gonna be tough. Also stars Lea Lander
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A Fistful Of Diamonds Add to Shopping Cart
German Cobos, Erika Blanc
Lovely Erika Blanc plays a woman whose husband is killed by diamond smugglers. She hires a
detective (German Cobos) to help find her husband's killers. She ends up being kidnapped by
the head of the syndicate and taken to Istanbul. Cobos follows and rescues her and they decide
to steal the diamonds her husband was after for themselves. A great pop art score by Piero
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Agent For Harm Add to Shopping Cart
Gerd Oswald 1966
Peter Mark Richmond, Barbara Bouchet
Peter Mark Richman, Barbara Bouchet (very sexy and dangerous in this one!), Martin Kosleck,
Wendell Corey (I'm sorry, the man is drunk as a skunk here!), Robert Quarry, and Rafael
Campos star in this spy film by Gerd Oswald (who directed the best episodes of THE OUTER
LIMITS around this same time). This is one of my fave sixties spy films because everything is
so over the top! Richman is an unlikable bastard who kills anyone who pisses him off. He treats
Bouchet like crap, knocking her around or planting a big wet one on her. A scientist has
developed a killer spore that turns people into goo. Richman must get it before enemy agents
do. Campy fun! An excellent 60s spy flick
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Appointment In Beirut Add to Shopping Cart
Ann Margaret, Laurence Harvey LETTERBOXED PRINT
Ann Margaret and Laurence Hbroσy star in this sixties action adventure film. Harvey plays a
casino croupier who heads to Beirut where he's part of a plot to rob the world's richest casino.
He's doublecrossed by both the criminals and the police. Ann Margaret is a singer (dressed in
her swinging sixties finest) who performs a few groovy songs and get in on the action too.
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Blueprint For A Massacre Add to Shopping Cart
Roberto Montero 1965
German Cobos, Maria Mahor, Franco Ressel
Excellent spy film by Roberto Bianchi starring German Cobos, Maria Mahor, and Franco Ressel.
Mysterious accidents are happening to the world's airlines threatening to throw the world into
panic. Cobos is the only tough guy spy left. Also has an absolutely wonderful sixties score by
Piero Umiliani
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Borman Add to Shopping Cart
Liani orfei, Kitty Swan, Dominique Boschero
letterboxed print. Here's an offbeat entry in the Sixties spy genre that involves both Neo-Nazis
and original Nazis in a plot to revive the Fourth Reich. Secret agent Tobert Kent is put in charge
of hunting down Martin Borman and squashing his plans for world domination. Liani Orfei, Kitty
Swan and Dominique Boschero co-star
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Cave Of Diamonds Add to Shopping Cart
Gianfranco Parolina 1965
Brad Harris, Paul Hubschmid LETTERBOXED PRINT
A journalist (Paul Hubschmidt) goes to Bangkok to try and locate an illegal diamond mine. A
noted diamond smuggler (Horst Frank) is nosing around too. Then there's Joe Warren (Brad
Harris), an undercover agent for America who is looking for the Yellow Tiger, a really bad guy!
Who will find the damn mine and what will they do with its riches when it is discovered?
Directed by Gianfranco Parolini (the auteur of the Sabata Spaghetti Western series).
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Crime At The Carribean Add to Shopping Cart
Frederick Stafford, Jean Seberg LETTERBOXED PRINT
Excon Frederick Stafford is hired by a rich industrialist to perform a huge heist. Jean Seberg
(the beautiful blonde who died tragically from a drug overdose) initially distrusts Stafford but as
fate (and the movie industry) have it, fall in love and plan their escape.
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Danger Death Ray Add to Shopping Cart
Gordon Scott, Silvia Solar LETTERBOXED PRINT
Excellent Italo Spy film starring Gordon Scott, Maureen Delphy, Sylvia Solar and Nello
Pazzofini. A dangerous death ray has been stolen from the US and Scott has 24 hours to locate
it and either destroy or salvage the weapon. Meanwhile the bad guys throw plenty of violence
and sexy women at him to hopefully distract him from his mission!
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Danger Route Add to Shopping Cart
Seth Holt 1968
Richard Johnson, Carol Lynley, Barbara Bouchet
Here's an incredibly rare British spy film by Seth Holt. Jonas (Richard Johnson) is hired to
eliminate a British defector. He wants it to be his last job so that he can settle down with his
girlfriend (Carol Lynley). He's very upset when a young woman (Barbara Bouchet) is brought in
to help with the operation. Of course he's double-crossed and everyone he thinks he can trust
becomes his enemy. A complex plot, gritty performance by Johnson and a host of cameos
(Diana Dors, Harry Andrews) make this an interesting production from Horror specialist Amicus
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Death In A Red Jaguar Add to Shopping Cart
George Nader, Robert Fuller LETTERBOXED PRINT
First time in English. George Nader stars as FBI man, Jerry Cotton, a series of spy films made
in Germany. Jerry sends a mobster (Robert Fuller) to prison and the underworld vows revenge
by sending out a series of hitmen to try and knock Jerry off
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Death Pays In Dollars Add to Shopping Cart
Mino Loy 1965
Stephen Forsythe, Dominique Boschero, Mitsouko LETTERBOXED PRINT
Euro spy film starring Stephen (HATCHET FOR A HONEYMOON) Forsyte, Dominique Boschero,
and Mitsouko. A criminal secret society plan on flooding the world with counterfeit American
dollars. Those dollars are ripped off by a female traitor and so the organizations send their
hired killers to track her down. Meanwhile, the American secret service sends their best agent
after her to get their hands on those dollars. Carlo Savina provides the score and it was
directed by Mino Loy.
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Desperate Mission Add to Shopping Cart
Roberto Montero 1965
German Cobos, Yoko Tanni, Milton reid LETTERBOXED PRINT
Sixties spy film fans rejoice! Here's a terrific spy film with gadgets, sexy sirens and a macho
kick ass secret agent, Robert manning played by German Cobos (who is just right as a tongue
in cheek tough guy). Roberto Montero directs and Yoko Tanni, Milton Reid, Leontime May co-
star. Cobos heads to the Orient to intercept a secret weapon but is too late to keep it from
falling into the wrong hands. Can he save the world for democracy?
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Diamond's Are A Man's Best Friend Add to Shopping Cart
Gastone Moschin, Liani orfei LETTERBOXED PRINT
Here's an English language version of a terrific Italian spy film (RAYMASTER) that features the
beautiful Liana Orfei as a beautiful Femme Fatale. Ray Master is accused of stealing a valuable
jewel and must use his secret agent abilities to prove his innocence.
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Dick Smart Agent 2-007 Add to Shopping Cart
Franco Prosperi 1967
Margaret Lee, Richard Wyler LETTERBOXED PRINT
Franco Prosperi directs this terrific spy spoof starring Richard Wyler as the horny but dangerous
secret agent. The villain this time is beautiful Margaret Lee as a crazy scientist who wants to
destroy the world with a Triton bomb!
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Hot Enough For June Add to Shopping Cart
Ralph Thomas 1964
Dirk Bogarde, Sylva Koscina, Robert Morley
Letterboxed print. Terrible title, wonderful 60s SPY SPOOF starring Dirk Bogarde, Sylva
Koscina, and Robert Morley and directed by Ralph Thomas. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Bogarde
plays an innocent unemployed speech writer on a  trip to Eastern Europe. Actually an
undercover spy, he meets Koscina who is also an undercover (in more ways than one!) spy
and together they make a very odd couple. Koscina is quite sexy (and for the early 60s pretty
hot stuff here) and Bogarde uses all his drollery to spoof the 007 conventions
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Hunter Of The Unknown Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Sollima 1966
Giorgio Ardisson, Frank Wolff, Eva Mirandi, Fernando Sancho
For those hungering for a sixties spy film, here's your fix! A part of the Agent S3S series
starring Giorgio Ardisson and directed by Sergio Sollima, this one co-stars Frank Wolff, Evi
Marandi, and Fernando Sancho, with great music by Piero Umiliani. On a Caribbean island, a
rogue general is collecting large amounts of radioactive material. Both the Americans and the
Russians are headed to the island to kidnap a scientist that can reveal the General's plans.
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Italian Secret Service Add to Shopping Cart
Nino Manfredi, Gastone Moschin WITH ENGLISH SUBS
Capellini (Nino Manfredi), reluctant hero of the Italian resistance during WW2, has been asked
to join the UN secret service to kill a Neo-Nazi. He doesn't have the balls to do so and ends up
subcontracting it out to another. This guy is also a chicken and before too long, there are a
halfdozen would be assassins running around! Turns out they have all been misled as the guy
isn't really a Neo-Nazi, but is involved involved in something else much more dangerous, selling
the secret of Coca Cola to the Russians! Gastone Moschin co-stars
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Kill Me Gently Add to Shopping Cart
Gianfranco Parolina 1968
Tony Kendall, Brad Harris
letterboxed print. The Kommisar X team of Brad Harris and Tony Kendall return in
thispsychedelic spy film that involves LSD! The drug syndicate floods the market with LSD and
the boys have to find the supplier before the whole country suffers a massive freakout. Great
spy film that could only have been made in the sixties
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Kill Panther Kill Add to Shopping Cart
Gianfranco Parolina 1966
Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Erika Blanc LETTERBOXED PRINT
Brad Harris and Tony Kendall teamup for another entry in the popular Kommissar X film. This
time they travel to Canada to capture an escaped convict who has hidden jewels in a famous
statue, the 3 blue panthers, with his twin brother. The outlaw kills his good brother and with his
wife (Erika Blanc) try to figure out where the statue has disappeared to. Directed by Gianfranco
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Killers Are Challenged Add to Shopping Cart
Antonio Margheriti 1965
Richard Harrison, Janine Reynaud, Wandisa Guida LETTERBOXED PRINT
Here's another great sixties spy film appearing in english for the first time. Dr. Coleman has
discovered an alternative source of energy and agent Bob Fleming (Richard Harrison) has been
assigned to impersonate him in order to locate the group out to kill him (Gee it wouldn't be
that Texas Oil Millionaire would it?). The bad guys are led by Janine (SUCCUBUS) Reynaud who
uses any method (including taking the lash to beautiful Wandisa Guida) to get the secret
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LSD Inferno Add to Shopping Cart
Guy Madison, Franca Polsello, Luciano Rossi in English with Grrek Subs
Italian spy films were somewhat ahead of their time when it came to the hallucinogen LSD.
Here's a terrific sixties spy flick with Guy Madison, Franca Polesello, and Luciano Rossi. Madison
plays super spy Rex Miller, a spy from birth (as a kid he devised lots of ways to murder people
(!!).He is onto a plot by a nutzoid villain (Mister X) who wants to expose everyone to LSD. The
trip effects are cheap but the music and set design are pure spy film bliss!
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Maroc 7 Add to Shopping Cart
Gerry O'Hara 1965
Gene Barry, Cyd Charisse, Elsa Martinelli, Alexandra Stewart
Letterboxed print. British Caper film directed by Gerry O'Hara and starring Gene Barry, Elsa
Martinelli, Cyd Charisse and Alexandra Stewart. Barry plays a suave jewel thief who steals the
jewels from another thief played by Cyd Charisse. She ends up hiring him to travel to Morrocco
to help steal a medallion that belonged to Cleopatra! Well of course he takes the job and of
course there are plenty of double and triple crosses in this very smart 60s film
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Matchless Add to Shopping Cart
Giuliano Montaldo 1966
Patrick O'Neal, Henry Silva, Nicoletta machiavelli
Excellent sixties Italo spy flick starring Patrick O'Neal as a man who has a secret formula that
allows him to become invisible for 10 hours. Needless to say all the foreign spy agencies (and
including our own!) want to capture him and steal the formula. Ira Von Furstenberg, Donald
Pleasence, Henry Silva and Nicoletta Machiavelli co-star and Ennio Morricone provides the score.
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Mission Goldwater Agent Sigma Add to Shopping Cart
Gian Paolo Callegan 1966
Jack taylor, Sylvia Solar In English with Spanish subs
Terrific spy flick from the sixties starring Jack Taylor and Silva Solar, directed by Gian Paolo
Callegan. Taylor is a tongue in Cheek Bondian hero rescuing the ladies and thwarting a mad
scientists' plot to rule the world.
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mm 83 Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Bergonzelli 1965
Gerald Blain, Pier Angeli
Sixties spy film with Gerald Blain and Pier Angeli, directed by Sergio Bergonzelli. A briefcase
full of important documents has gone missing. Agent Jack Morrow is assigned to protect a
scientist who knows what is missing that makes the documents so important. Great music,
exotic locations and action sequences makes this a terrific Italo-Spy concoction!
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Moving Target Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Corbucci 1967
Ty Hardin, Gordon Mitchell, Michael Rennie, Paola Pitagora
Ty hardin stars as a man on the run from Michael Rennie and his organization. Gordon Mitchell
co-stars as a total bad ass hit man!
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Moving target Add to Shopping Cart
Enzo Castellari 1992
Bud Spencer
Bud Spencer is back as Detective ExtraLarge with his trusty sidekick, Dumas (Phillip Michael
Thomas). When Spencer is hired to escort a nuclear scientist to his hotel, the good doctor is
shot to pieces. Before he dies, he slips some top secret info into Big Bud's pocket. Meanwhile a
terrorist group and the CIA are all after the same info
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No Diamonds For Ursula Add to Shopping Cart
Gino Magini 1968
Dana Andrews, Mario Brega, Jean Yanne, Jeanne Valerie
Dana Andrews, Mario Brega, Jean Yanne and Jeanne Valeriee star in this obscure but well
made Italian Caper film by Gino (HYENA OF LONDON) Magini and excellent score by Carlo
Rustichelli. A blackmailer uses his talents to put together a band of 5 criminals whom he forces
to pull off a daring diamond robbery. They of course want to kill him so they not him will profit
from the operation. Of course things don't go as planned!
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Notturno Add to Shopping Cart
Tony Musante, Maurizio Merli Complete 8 hour version on 4 dvds!
Most people who have seen this have seen a 90 minute version of this drug smuggling crime
thriller but here is the fully uncut almost 8 hour version in English (with Japanese subs) for the
very first time and in perfect quality. Tony Musante plays a man who is forced to perform an
assassination on a Russian operative. He is chosen for his special ability to see in the dark and
his marksmanship. Will he do it or can he rescue his kidnapped daughter before he is killed by
the very people who hired him. An allstar cast includes Maurizio Merli, Claudio Cassinelli, Cinzia
De Ponti and Al Cliver. Lots of previously unheard music by Goblin!
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