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blue movie_edited.jpg

Blue Movie

Alberto Cavellone1978

Patrizia Funari in italian with english subs

letterboxed print. By the director of the demented MAN, WOMAN AND BEAST!

This film is about a sex obsessed photographer who drives his models crazy with his perverse

requests. He finally discovers a girl who lets him have his way. Patriza Funari co-stars.


blue nude.jpg

Blue Nude

Luigi Scattini1977

Susan Elliot, Jack Stuart in italian with english subs

letterboxed print. Luigi (WITCHCRAFT 70) Scattini directs this crazy Italian sex

film about an Italian immigrant who comes to America to become the next Robert de Niro. It

doesn't take long before he spirals downward appearing in porno films and ultimately stars in a

snuff film!. Susan Elliot and Jack Stuart co-stars.


bonnie and clyde all'italiana.PNG

Bonnie And Clyde Italian Style


Jean Sorel, Ornella Muti, Paolo Villaggio

In Italian with english subs, letterboxed print. Ornella Muti, Paolo Villagio, and Jean Sorel star in this Italian

sex comedy. Villagio and Muti play 2 of life's losers who are kidnapped together during a bank

robbery. They end up with the money but are now wanted by the police and the original gang

that committed the robbery!


Burn Boy Burn

Fernando Di Leo1969

Francoise Prevost, Monica Stebel in english with japanese subs, letterboxed print

Excellent erotic film by Fernando Di Leo starring Francoise Prevost (lots of nude scenes!),

Monica Strebel, and Gianni Macchia. Prevost plays an older woman who is first seduced by the

younger Macchia and slowly finds herself becoming his slave. Kinky and hot!


burn boy burn_edited.jpg
caged women.PNG

Caged Women


Pilar Orive, Aldo Sambrell, Isabel Libossart

One of the best women in prison films in a long time; it stars Pilar Orive,

Isabel Libossart, Elena Wiedermann and Aldo Sambrell. Women are sent to a tropical prison

where the sadistic warden picks out a favorite and turns her loose on the island so he can have

the pleasure of hunting her down like an animal. Extremely sleazy and delivers the nudity!!


candido erotico.jpg

Candido Erotico

Claudio De Molino1980

Lili Carati

Carlo is a male model who performs nightly at Copenhagen's live sex shows. He's hired by an

older couple to spice up their sex life, but when Carlo meets their younger daughter (played by

SKIN DEEP's Lili Carati), he decides to work overtime trying to seduce her as well. This of

course horrifies Mom and Dad. The real problem turns out to be the fact that Carlo can't

perform for his new bride unless there is an audience, so he tries to get her to have sex in

public places. She'll have none of that at first, but eventually hits upon a novel solution to his

problem. Ajita Wilson co-stars as a performer at Carlo's sex club. Directed by THE COUNTRY

LADY's Claudio de Molino.



Capri:Paradise Of Love


Sharon Cain, Tony Kendall

Alberto (Tony Kendall) and Ingrid (Sharon Cain) are vacationing on the island of Capri. Alberto

likes to watch Ingrid make love to strangers while he reminisces about his former wife, a busty

French girl. Why can't Alberto make love to Ingrid? Well, the flashbacks to his first wife detail

what happened and while I don't want to give anything away, it involves a long blade knife!



Director: Andrea Bianchi, Stars: Sirpa Lane, Franco Parisi, Domenico Anastasi. A sleazy but lighthearted odd couple of thrill-killer rapists drive around picking up young women, raping and brutalizing them. The film presents Sirpa naked as often as possible, but the coup de grace is repeated use of a body double for her character's XXX insertion shots, and even a non-matching fellatio sequence. One of their pickups turns out to be a transvestite, much to the consternation of the younger of the two perverts, who doesn't find out until he's made it nearly to third base with the cross-dresser. After that scene, the outraged macho character suddenly spends the rest of the film as a transvestite himself -still up to the task of raping the women, but helping out fronting with his partner as if they were a man & woman driving around rather than two creeps.


Carnal games.jpg
catherine and co.png

CATHERINE AND CO. (1975)-IN FRENCH WITH ENGLISH SUBS, LETTERBOXED PRINT. NOW UNCUT WITH AN EXTRA 12 MINUTES! Catherine & Co' has always been one of my favorite bits of fluff. It was made in France and has a French sensibility to the nude female form and a light, though not uncritical attitude towards sexual freedom. Catherine is a kind of latter day Moll Flanders--a woman without means in a culture where men control the means to a comfortable life--and she trades on the only resources she has, her looks and charm. She travels through modern French society as a picaresque hero, revealing the comic weaknesses of commercialism, old nobility, unwanted children and ghost-written novels. The satiric targets are likable and sympathetic characters who are convincingly Catherine's friends. While Birkin's characterization of Catherine is often broad and farcical, she also gives the character an innocence, a faithfulness and survival instinct that provides dimension beyond farce. If you like and are not offended by Restoration comedy, you may enjoy 'Catherine & Co.


catherine cherie_edited.jpg

Catherine Cherie

Hubert Frank1978

Berta Carre, Ajita Wilson

Excellent German sexploitation by one of the better directors, Hubert Frank who made many of

the SCHOOLGIRL REPORTS films. Berta Carre, Ajita Wilson and Dagmar Altmen star. Carre

plays Catherine, a sexual predator who seduces both men and women to get what she wants.

Plenty of nudity and beautifully photographed locations, this one is extremely sexy.



Chambermaid's Dream

Max Pecas

Janine Reynaud, Michel Lemoine

Weird film by Max Pecas that delivers eroticism with a disturbing REPULSION like storyline.

Janine Reynaud plays a repressed woman who has the hots for her sister's husband. She

dreams of seducing him and killing her sister (and vice versa!) until it is hard for her to

dsitinguish between fantasy and reality. Pecas always delivers an excellent film and makes the

nudity and appeal very important to the film.



IN ITALIAN WITH ENGLISH SUBS. Director: Roger Vadim, Stars: Sirpa Lane, Michel Duchaussoy, Mathieu Carrière. It's about a supposedly intellectual writer, played by Mr. Vadim, who decides to drop his current project, a book called "Freud, Criminal of Peace," to write a study of a beautiful, well-born young woman named Charlotte, with whom he once had a brief affair and who was later brutally murdered. Among other indignities suffered by the victim, her eyes were gouged out. There's no mystery about the killer, who is virtually a parody of decadence, a pretty, young, wealthy German fellow whose family connections are so high the police don't want to arrest him. When he first meets the writer at a Paris fashion show, he introduces himself by saying, "I kill time and girls."Charlotte is played by a Finnish actress named Sirpa Lane, who has the sort of near-perfect figure we have all come to expect to see a lot of in a Vadim film. Poor Charlotte, of course, is cursed, both by her near-perfect figure and by a brain that is the size of a squirrel's. Through flashbacks we see Charlotte going from bad to worse, with lots of fancy photographic effects, as she is torn between her love for her homosexual husband and the fascination of the sadistic German, who sometimes uses lipstick and keeps searching for the ultimate experience.


charlotte (2).jpg
china and sex.jpg

CHINA AND SEX (1994)-IN ITALIAN WITH ENGLISH SUBS. SOFTCORE OPUS BY JOE D'AMATO. Rich Chinese visitor to the various "houses of pleasure", he was dazzled by the encounter with the sexy dancer Tama. She avoids humiliating the man to push it up in the Garden of execution, place of initiation into the pleasure / pain consists of four secret rooms. Daring erotica directed by Joe D'Amato with a certain conviction. "The Angel of the pleasure" (this after a castration) is a moment of ascribable to the erotic macabre background typical of a production by D'Amato.


Chinese Kamasutra

Joe D'Amato1991

Joe D'Amato returns to the Hong Kong sex film as he directs a predominately Asian cast in this

tale of a young Asian woman (Played by an Italian!) who is determined to learn, first hand, all

the secrets of the ancient Chinese sex manual.


chinese kamasutra.jpg
college lesbians.jpg

College Lesbians and Their Place Of Pleasure


Concha Valero

In Spanish with English subs. A husband makes love to his newlywed wife and she's just not into it (she was

raped as a child). Her day brightens up considerably when 2 old college roommates (who just

happen to be lesbians) show up. Pretty soon they're seducing her, the maid and for a change of

pace. the husband. Definitely one of the better Spanish sexploitation films I've seen (as are

the other 2 near the end of this update). Concha Valero stars.


confessions of a nympho.jpg

Confessions Of A Nympho


Eva Karinka, Sandra Reni

German made softcore film starring Eva Karinka, Sandra Reni and Gisela becker co-star and

directed by Alois Brummer. A free spirited young woman just won't deny anyone (male or

female) who approaches her for sex!


confessions of a sex maniac_edited.jpg

Confessions Of A Sex Maniac

Alan Birkshaw1974

Ava Cadell, Vicki Hughes

Hilarious British sex comedy which uses any excuse to get the actresses naked as soon as

possible. Model Vicki Hughes and porn actress Ava Cadell lead a cast stuffed with beautiful

British birds, all the focus of sex maniac Roger Lloyd Pack. Alan Birkshaw directs.


Confessions Of A David Galaxy Affair


Mary Millington, John Moulder-Brown

Mary Millington plays a beautiful heiress who has screwed many men, but never experienced

an orgasm. Enter David Galaxy, a typical British cocksman who comes to the rescue.

Outrageous British sex film, it's the only time I've seen a scene where a guy farts while making

love!! Plentiful nudity and sleaze in this one, John-Moulder Brown co-stars.


confessions from a david galaxy.jpg

Confessions Of Sex Slaves

Guy Gilbert1976

Erik Falk

Helga is setup with drugs in her apartment and forced into the sex business. A reporter is on

her trail trying to uncover the processes involved in turning young innocents into hard hearted

prostitutes. She investigates a sex club that seems to be at the center of such activity. This

German made sex film features lots of nudity and Franco regular Erik Falk. Guy Gibert directs.


confessions of sex slaves.jpg

CORRUPTION (1986)-In french with english subs, letterboxed print.

CORRUPTION is a beautifully made erotic film by Salvatore Samperi, which at once delights in the beauty of its main characters and their sexual games, while also exploring their darker desires and anxieties. CORRUPTION contains a great deal of skilfully presented erotica, Florence Guerin and Cyrus Elias star as a troubled couple whose housekeeper, Angela (Katrine Michelsen), breaks through Guerin's stultifying repression with her provocative and dangerous sexuality. Anna (Florence Guerin) is the much younger wife of an upper-middle-class functionary, who, at the film's beginning, is suffering from her inability to conceive a child. To further frustrate and confuse her, her husband's aging and care intensive mother is sharing their home, and there is the maid, Angela (Trine Michelsen), who has a liberated and natural attitude toward sexuality. Angela eventually leads Anna on a journey into sexual discovery, and the two young ladies deliver a number of scenes together that are very sexy, and actually quite innocent. The games do progressively become more daring, and as the stakes rise, the relationship of the two women ends on a rather cruel note...



Craving Desire

Sergio Martino1993

Ron Nummi, Serena Grandi, Vittoria Belvedere

Sergio Martino returns to the thriller genre with one of his best efforts. Vittoria Bel Vedere stars

as a nutcase nympho who moves into her cousin's (Ron Nummi) life and dominates him,

turning the guy into her sex slave. So he dumps his girlfriend, robs jewelry stores and more

under her influence. She in turn kills a hitch-hiker and unbeknownst to him, feeds her to him!

Serena Grandi has a nice cameo as Nummi's boss' wife who has the hots for him. A 4 star

winner here!


craving desire.jpg
dance of love.JPG

Dance Of Love


Senta Berger, Helmut Berger, Sydne Rome in english with dutch subs

Senta Berger, Helmut Berger, Sydne Rome and Maria Schneider star in this film about a young

man (Berger) who gets multiple opportunities to lose his virginity but he just can't get the job

done! Nudity by all 3 actresses (Though as usual, Senta's is very brief) make this period sex

comedy quite enjoyable!


dangerous obsession.jpg

Dangerous Game

Joe D'Amato1987

Carmen Di Petra

First time in english. Joltin' Joe D'Amato is the king of the thriller and when you team him up

with Carmen Di Petro (who looks like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch), you get a

minor masterpiece like this film. Di Petro plays a successful TV producer who falls in lust with a

scumbag. After she gets screwed (both literally and figuratively) by the jerk, she decides to get

revenge by chaining him to the bed and fucking him to death!


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