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women's prison.jpg

Women's Prison


Marilu Tolo, Martine Brochard, Erna scheurer, Katia Christine

An innocent woman (Martine Brochard) is sent to prison on false drug charges. She's humilated

from the get go (you know the drill, take two fingers and insert in every available orifice) and

ends up in a cell with 3 whores (marvelously played by Marilu Tolo, Erna Schurer and Katia

Christine) who cuss like Jack Nicholson on acid! The poor girl becomes hate filled and bitter.

Lots of shower scenes, nudity and lesbianism, makes this a classic WIP film.


year of the medusa3.jpeg

Year Of The Medusa

Christopher Frank1982

Valerie Kaprisky, Caroline Cellier, Jacques Perrin

In French with English subtitles. Oh man, is this film a voyeur's delight!! Starring Valerie

Kaprisky, Caroline Cellier, and Jacques Perrin star in this sexual drama set at the topless

beaches of le cote de azul. Several horny young women try and lose their virginity at the beach

as the guys and older men all try and accommodate them in this goal. One of the best French

made films ever!!


you can do a lot with 7 women.jpg

You Can Do A lot With 7 Women

Frank Agrama1976

Richard Harrison, Marcella Michelanselli LETTERBOXED PRINT

Richard Harrison and Marcella Michelanseli star in this film directed by Frank Agrama. When a

model dies in a suspicious accident, her lover (Richard Harrison) goes undercover as a

photographer (cue gratuitous nudity!) to finsd out what happened. He discovers the modelling

agency is a front for drug smugglers so he uses his fists to get revenge.


YOU'VE GOT TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY (1975)-IN FRENCH WITH ENGLISH SUBS, LETTERBOXED HD PRINT. How about nude scenes with Annie Giradot, Sydne Rome and Mylene Demongeot! Directors: Claude Makovski, Nelly Kaplan (uncredited), Stars: Annie Girardot, Claude Brasseur, Sydne Rome. You've got to live dangerously was then a laudable attempt to take the French thriller off the beaten path and it does ,in a way ,as it predates some aspects of the genre in the eighties. The two principals have much screen presence and they are the main reason to watch it and the backbone of the plot (the search for a super diamond "Le Grand Mogol" ) gets lost in a series of murders ,Brasseur's few conquests and Girardot's good "cooking" (a running joke) .The director tries to build an unusual atmosphere and the scene in the hospital is Polanski-like. The scene of the orgy for chic people complete with masks will remind some of Kubrick's "eyes wide shut" (which of course was still to come)and a most amazing scene ,there 's also a poem which goes like this :"eyes shut wide open..."


you've got to live dangerously.jpg


Ruggero Deodato1970

Lucretia Love, Lionel Stander, John Ireland LETTERBOXED PRINT

Great sexploitation film about the lusty Zenabel (Lucretia Love) who is actually a Duchess,

albeit an illegitimate one. She's a bit of a feminist (which in this film means she decides who will

rape her!) and gathers together a group of lusty wenches to help her regain her throne. If I

charged for every minute of nudity in this film, you couldn't afford it! The film was directed by

Ruggero Deodato and co-stars John Ireland and Lionel Stander.


chinese room3.jpg

THE CHINESE ROOM (1968)-In Spanish with English subs. Rarest of all Albert Zugsmith films is now available with English subs! Albert Zugsmith's) turbo-obscure patchwork of drugs, zen, nightmarish guilt, naughty skeletons, odd drama, and the sizzling Elizabeth Campbell who wears a bed sheet like few ever could. Based on the novel by Vivian Connell... The high points are:

   1. Elizabeth Campbell hot and sexier than ever!
   2. Eastern mysticism combined with hypnotherapy, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and transcendental meditation.
   3. Bizarre delusions, creepy nightmares all filled with colorful gore.
   4. Trippy zoom in/out shots.
   5. A beautiful woman with a claw.
   6. A dancer skeleton that hangs from wires and drink human blood.
   7. Delirious plot, filmed in Acapulco, with disastrous performances.
   8. Completely surreal atmosphere, and lots, lots of fun.


garden of earthly delights.jpg

GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS (1967)-In Italian with English subs. Maurice Ronet, Evelyne Stewart, Lea Massari with an awesome score by Ennio Morricone, directed by Silvio Agostini. A ceremony. A wedding night. A hotel room. A flush toilet leaking. A man ... a woman and another woman. Memories that flow, anxieties that arise. The first hours of marriage, the beginning of hell. She's at her third month of pregnancy, he's furious because he never wanted to marry in the first place. One night, as she slowly hemorrages her life away, he gets stuck meditating on Bosch's garden of Delights. Then he meets a beautiful stranger...Filmed in beautiful B&W.


ANYONE FOR SEX (1973)- Based on a potty-mouthed stage play by Kevin Laffan, this comedy concerns the tribulations of a devoutly Catholic couple, played by Nanette Newman and Hywel Bennett. When Newman decides she doesn't want to be burdened with children, she decides to take the pill--which, as we all know from those ubiquitous posters of the 1960s, was a "No No" so far as the Pope was concerned. What seemed racy and daring in 1973 is now almost as harmless as an episode of Barney and Friends. Best to forget the dated quality of the lines and revel in the performances of Newman, Bennett and Milo O'Shea. Should note, before fans of the fantastic Madeline Smith get too excited, that sadly it isn't her in the topless scene ... it's some mid 70s glamour girl called Nicola Austine in a wig!


anyone for sex.jpg

BALI (1969)-In Italian with English subs, letterboxed print. Stars Umberto Orsini, Laura Antonelli, John Steiner, Petra Pauly, Ettore Manni, Johannes Schaaf, Ilona Staller. An erotic thriller involving Umberto Orsini and his lover Laura Antonelli. His wife is murdered and there are no lack of suspects!


taxi girl.jpg

TAXI GIRL(1977)-In Italian with English subs. Oh my God, Edwige Fenech butt naked a lot! Marcella (Fenech) inherits a taxi business from her father and now sets out on the job of her life. With each new fare she becomes involved with sex and crime all done up 70's Italian comedy style. George Hilton and Alvaro Vitali co-star.


oedipus orca.jpg

OEDIPUS ORCA (1977)-In Italian with English subs, letterboxed print.  Former German playboy centerfold rena Niehaus stars. This is an unusual Italian movie in that it is a sequel to "La Orca", a film made only one year earlier (Italy in the 70's was infamous for cheap rip-offs, but not really for sequels). "La Orca" was a rather notorious film about a spoiled teenage girl (Rena Neihaus) who is kidnapped and has to use her sexual wiles to survive. This movie picks up right afterwards when she is taken back to her family and boyfriend. Her family is a little odd. Both her mother and father come in the bathroom, for instance, while she's in the tub after her ordeal (or maybe that was a normal thing to do in 1970's bourgeois Italy?). Her boyfriend insists on feeling her up on their first date after the incident, which triggers a sexual flashback from the first movie. But she is herself is obviously disturbed--she gets her boyfriend to take her back to the shack in which she was held in the previous film where, unable to persuade him to have sex, she masturbates (and further pads the running time with more flashbacks from the first movie). The film then takes another strange turn when her parents take her out to their country estate. There she tries to seduce an old family friend (played by the director himself) after she finds out he and her mother were lovers many years back (you can probably see where THIS might very well go). There is some strange and seemingly gratuitous footage of a slaughterhouse floor, perhaps in a bid to make this as sleazy and notorious as its predecessor.


TURIN CITY OF VICE (1979)-In Italian with eng subs, letterboxed print. Polselli was co-director with Vani shooting Torino centrale del vizio (1978) , a sexy-crime movie that tells about another sado-masochistic relationship between Mirko (Tony Matera) and Hellen (Rita Calderoni). Their friendship becomes more and more important, so Mirko decides to marry her, but Hellen first wants him to know all of her particular vices and the dark side of her life, confessing she’s a part-time prostitute and about her irregular lesbians inclination. After the marriage, Hellen suddenly disappears, and nobody can find her anymore. One day, on the wet roads of Turin, Mirko catches a glimpse of her in a suspicious car. In fact Hellen is trapped and blackmailed by a gang of local “Mafiosi”, who stop the search by Mirko attacking him in an isolated villa. In this ambiguous building the strange lovers’ meeting happens again. Torino centrale del vizio soundtrack (by Stelvio Cipriani) exudes the sense of illness that pervades the whole film.


turin center of vice.jpg
ceylon my love2.jpg

CEYLON MY LOVE (1980)- aka "PASSION ISLAND", skillfully directed by Hubert Frank (Angel of the Beasts, Vanessa) a famous german Director of 70`s and 80`s Erotic Cinema.  Gerard Laumiere is a fashion photographer who has just landed in Ceylon with two alluring models, Sybille and Christa. He is strongly attracted by a delicious unknown Samanka, whose father, Jaipur, is part of a terrible sect that worships Zarathustra and committing horrible crimes of rituals ...


LIEBES LAGER (1976)-In Italian with english subs, letterboxed print. Holy shit, the rarest of the Italian sleazy SS nazi films is now available! Lots of nudity and torture, - During its initial theatrical run in the 1970's it played for one week (over Christmas!) and then disappeared.- If you dig SS Experiment Camp and the Beast in Heat then this one fits in nicely - Part exploitation, part social commentary ( "He might have been a mathematician") part Benny Hill. This is (probably) what Jerry Lewis' 'The Day the Clown Cried' turned out like i.e a complete mess of different genres. Luciano pigozzi (aka Alan Collins), Kieran Canter (buio omega) and Ilona Kerdmann.


liebes lager.jpg
venetian woman.jpg

THE VENETIAN WOMAN (1986)-In Italian with English subs. Oh my, lots of nudity by Laura Antonelli and Monica Guerritorre. Jason Connery co-stars and Mauro Bolognini directs (and Morricone wrote the score). Venice, sixteenth century. Giulio, a foreign gentleman spends a memorable night in the city where he meets and beds two beautiful women. They are Angela, a widowed lady, and Valeria, whose husband has left for Florence.



THE AFTERMAN (1985)- This is one of those obscure Belgian movies really sought after. No words are used so it is a weird experience to watch it because it isn't an arty farty one like Begotten. Another reason the so called sexploitation, be aware that it never becomes XXX, it is just that it contains a lot of female nudity, full frontal, pubic hair included you perverts, it is 25 years old! The director was a rebel himself, after an argument with a distributor. He for example burnt his movie. No original copies left. He was once in jail and never walked the line. No famous actors were in this flick but it is really the weird things that happen that makes it watchable. For example, a lesbian scene in a swimming pool were the girl going underneath is drown in action. The main actor being released in a destroyed world learns to make love, the monks getting head by visitors, girls on a hook being fed by some weirdo's making love to them, and I can go on and on.


devil in miss jonas.jpg

DEVIL IN MISS JONAS (1974)-Finally an English subbed version of this german riff on the devil in miss jones directed by Erwin C Dietrich. After her death Miss Jonas lands before incarnate, who notifies three days too soon came to be. He sends them temporarily back to Earth, where Miss Jonas knowing anyway in hell to land, it makes dealing with representatives of either sex, its future place of residence in good faith to develop. The film stars the busty Christina Free!


THE GIRLS OF MALEMORT (1974)-In French with English subs. Monsieur Derose, his daughter Maxime, two maids, Ida and Clémence, and a handyman, Antoine, live in the castle of Malemort. Monsieur Derose is supposed to know the hiding place of a treasure and all are waiting him to reveal where it is... Don't really know in what category file that one. Exploitation is reductive but it's not really a horror movie neither. It's more an atmospheric fantasy flick, with very twisted characters and a very strange tonality.


girls of malemort.jpg

SHAMELESS (1968)-In german with English subs, letterboxed print. Schamlos (shameless) is an exceptional Austrian movie by an exceptional director. While Austrian movies in the 60s mainly were Heimatfilme - colorful pictures about the better days back in the monarchy - Saller did not care too much about this mainstream and started with b/w exploitation cinema. His first movie - "Geißel des Fleisches" - came as a shock to Austrians, his second movie "Schamlos" repeated that experience.
A very dynamic Udo Kier stars as Pohlmann, a teenager setting up a gang to collect protection money, who falls in love with an exotic dancer, who gets murdered. Can Pohlmann revenge her? Pohlmann investigates in caravans, used as mobile whorehouses, threatens everybody he meets with violence.



THE GOOD THIEF (1980)-In Italian with English subs, letterboxed print. My oh my, Edwige fenech looks good here nude. Caleb, "son of nobody" (Enrico Montesano) lives in Galilee in Jesus' day and struggles as a thief and con-man, pretending to be a magician. When he witnesses Jesus turning water into wine, he thinks he's found a competitor. So Caleb goes on, convinced that Jesus is a fake just as he is, always trying to figure out his tricks. In the meantime, he gets involved with a prostitute (played by Edwige Fenech), but also with the wife of a Roman patrician (played by the equally alluring Bernadette Lafont), he steals a few goats and cons a few people, he befriends a lovable dog and gets in trouble with some Roman soldiers. In the end, he is convicted for theft and crucified, ending up on Jesus' right. Manages to steal a necklace and then lose it and find Deborah with whom he shared his life. Always fascinated by the figure of Christ, continue to believe that a magician cleverer than him, will end on the cross with him an old man accused of theft. So, it's kinda like "Life of Brian", only with italians.


good thief.jpg

HOTEL ST PAULI (1970)- Despite the oppressive burden that his son has to survive in the hospital a dangerous operation that must determine Commissioner Canisius (Curd Jurgens) in a murder case. A hotel guest has been killed in the hour hotel " Ostend "with several knife wounds. As director Rolf Olsen films the killing scene in as minimalist as a stylistic masterpiece. The script switches between the bizarre characters and situations  looking for a suspect: A wife and mother in a relationship usually witht a much younger lover , her nephew. The horny husband kills them both. An attractive woman ( Corny Collins excited ) there , naked to peer through the keyholes of the hotel room. A gay couple must dodge his meetings with establishment types. An honest businessman gives himself up with a whore unusual erotic games, and disguised itself as a devil (Herbert Fux in costume ). A rich businessman 's wife makes a young employee of her husband ( the gardener ) distributes porno magazines, a flourishing trade.


hotel st pauli.jpg
flossie (2).jpg

FLOSSIE (1974)-In Swedish with English subs. Maria Forsa stars in this Swedish masterpiece of erotica! "Flossie" is an elegant and naughty Swedish 70s erotic drama with music of Janne Schaffer and Phil Collins! The film is loosely based on the Victorian erotic underground novel "FLOSSIE: A Venus of Fifteen"  Captain Archer, the narrator of the novel, is an experienced man of thirty-five when he meets fifteen-year-old Flossie while strolling in Piccadilly. He is immediately struck by the size of her breasts, and is happy when he receives a note from her guardian. Miss Eva Letchford, encouraging him to become Flossie's companion because the girl has fallen in love with him. But Flossie has promised Miss Letchford that her hymen will remain intact. Sexual activity will have to be limited to fellatio and cunnilingus --"gamahuching" as the Victorians called oral sex-- but as Flossie and Captain Archer practice them, these activities are never limited. Flossie is notable for its concentration on oral-genital activities, and its heroine's youth, as well as its direct, uncluttered language.


love doll.jpg

LOVE DOLL (1974)-In Spanish with English subs, letterboxed print. Michel Piccoli, Valentine Tessier, and rada Rassimov star. When Michel gets the life-sized sex doll he ordered, shipped directly from Japan, he is only intrigued by it at first. Then the silent unresponsiveness of the thing begins to haunt him, and he finds himself reacting to it as if it were an equally unresponsive living woman. As time passes, more and more of his life is spent trying to satisfy or placate its relentless silence, and he goes somewhat mad. He dresses the doll and takes it with him wherever he goes. When his usually very tolerant wife discovers what is going on, her jealousy knows no bounds and she attempts to imitate this threatening love-object. The light-hearted quality of this addle-pated fantasy darkens quickly when various neighborhood men attempt to put the doll to its originally intended use.


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