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It stars Moana Pozzi, the sultry star of many an Italian X-travaganza, who plays Vanessa, the wealthy lover of a professor (Marino Masé) who comes to spend the summer at her beachside villa, where she is tending to her teenage stepdaughter Kiki (Petra Scharbach) and her sexy friend Vivi (Hula). As his visit continues, the Professor finds himself not only screwing the insatiable Vanessa but being reeled into sexual intrigues with the two girls, who are in fact a pair of conniving, teasing, lesbian Lolitas determined to do away with these adult obstructions to a bequest from Kiki's late father that will make her irresponsibly wealthy. Moana Pozzi died tragically in 1994 at the age of 33, from liver cancer. Her pert and mischievous co-stars, Hula and Petra Scharbach, went on to make a number of other films together as a twosome, including "Obsession - una storia di straordinaria follia" and "Diva futura." I know there are Moana Pozzi fans out there, but I for one would like to see every movie Hula ever made.


suburban wives1.jpg

Surburban Wives

Derek Ford1977

Eva Whisham, Maggie Wright

Here's a sequel to last update's British sex comedy, COMMUTER HUSBANDS, and this one's

even better! The film opens with a bang (gang bang that is!) as thepatrons from a bar (male

and female) join in the fun. The wives of successful men are bored to death and decide to

begin a game that involves plenty of sex and starngers. Plentiful nudity in this British sex film

starring Eva Whisham, Maggie wright, Claire Gordon and directed by Derek Ford.


sweet body of bianca_edited.jpg

Sweet Body Of Bianca

Ilonis Mikonis1980

Marina Frajese, Mario Cutini

An Italian Greek co-production that stars Marina Frajese and Mario Cutini (they were both in

PLAY MOTEL). Frajese and her sicko husband enslave young girls in their house, chaining them

up, whipping them and forcing them to have sex with them and whoever else happens to come

and visit. Bianca is their latest conquest but she may be a tougher nut to crack then they



Sweet Young Thing


The French just love making films set at girl's school for nubile nymphos and here's another

one. The girls are all sex crazed and spend every waking hour seducing every stray male in

the place. When a strict new female teacher shows up things look bad until the girls discover

she's a lesbian!!


sweet young things.jpg
take it easy professor2.jpg

Take It Easy professor


Lando Buzzanca, Rosanna Podesta in english with spanish subs

Rossana Podesta and Lando Buzzanca star in this clever Italian sex comedy. Buzzanca plays a

small town teacher who is transferred to the big city where he's constantly under attack for his

outmoded ideas. He's also shocked by the fact that students and teachers alike are trying to

either kill or seduce him! Steno directs.


that malicious age.jpg

That Girl Is Malicious

Silvio Amadio1975

Gloria Guida, Nino Castelnuovo WITH ENGLISH SUBS

 Gloria Guida fans rejoice as she stars in this film by the director of AMUCK

(Silvio Amadio). She plays a seductress who entices a married man (Nino Castelnuovo) away

from his bitch of a wfe, but finds out too late he was better off before meeting Guida.


au pair girl1.jpg

The Au Pair Girl


Gloria Guida

Beautiful Gloria Guida (SO SWEET SO LOVELY SO VISCIOUS) plays Domenica, a country girl

who comes to Rome looking for work in this Italian sex comedy. The house where she's to

begin employment features a Don Juan type, an ex-prostitute and a lesbian teacher. They all

want a roll in the sack with Gloria and by movie's end she damn near makes everybody happy.


The Banker


Romy Schneider

In French with English subtitles. Romy Schneider stars as notorious lesbian who uses her skills

in high finace to create an empire that drives her male competitors crazy. Ennio Morricone

supplies the excellent score.


berlin affair2.jpg

The Berlin Affair

Liliana Cavina1985

Philippe Leroy, Mio Takaki in ITALIAN WITH ENGLISH SUBS

Here's the uncut 2 hour version of this notorious film by Liliana Cavina, which runs 25 minutes

longer than previous English language versions. Kevin McNally, Philippe Leroy, and Mio Takaki

star in this tale of a forbidden lesbian love affair during the Nazi regime in Germany.


black aphrodite_edited.jpg

The Black Aphrodite

Saul Flipstein1978

Ajita Wilson, Anik Borel

Fans of Ajita Wilson and the big breasted Anik (WEREWOLF WOMAN) Borel (who has some

great lesbian scenes!) will love this one! An Amazon type played by Wilson rules an island with

an iron fist. A group of researchers arrive and before too long a conflict develops. A terrific mix

of sex and violence, this Greek/Italian co-production is directed by Saul Flipstein, highly



black maid_edited.jpg

The Black Maid

Mario Bianchi1976

Gianni Dei, Femi Benussi

An Italian sex comedy directed by Mario Bianchi. A black maid shows up at an apartment house

to go to work for the Lombardi family (Gianni Dei plays the son). All the horny men in the

building plot ways to get her into their beds. Meanwhile, another maid (played by Femi Benussi)

gets upset that she is losing both business and the attentions of the Lombardi son. The two

women repeatedly attack each other until only one is left standing (or lying down as the case

may be).


The Coming Of Sin

Jose Larraz1977

Letterboxed print. This Jose (VAMPYRES) Larraz film was first released in a cut 72 minute print

under the title VIOLATION OF THE BITCH. This version is 10 minutes longer and restores the

film to its sleazy heights. Triana is abeautiful gypsy girl who stays with a lonely woman in the

country. Pretty soon a lesbian relationship begins but it is shattered by the arrival of a young

guy who ends up seducing both women. Madness and murder soon result in this nudity packed



coming of sin.PNG
conjugal debt_edited.jpg

The Conjugal Debt


Barbara Bouchet, Anita Ekberg in english with greek subs

An unhappily married man decides to leave his wife (Anita Ekberg) and join his friend for some

wild adventures on the road. They end up with the beautiful wife Barbara Bouchet) of a

fisherman who sells her to them. To say she's a bit of a free spirit is an understatement! She

allows them to auction off her clothes to some horny villagers and takes bets on which of her

breasts weigh the most. Brief nudity but Bouchet has never looked better!


COUNTRY LADY (1980)-IN ITALIAN WITH ENGLISH SUBS, LETTERBOXED PRINT. Director: Claudio Giorgi (as Claudio De Molinis), Stars: Silvia Dionisio, Serena Grandi (!!), Philippe Leroy, Christian Borromeo. Italy, late thirties: Italian volunteers for the regime of Mussolini are sent to the civil war in Spain. On the background of a peaceful village landscapes, behind the walls of the old farmhouse, Guido is creating his own dictatorship: he runs everything, requires unquestioning obedience to his will. He believes all women around are his property, and, as a rooster in the hen house, must constantly confirm this action. His problem- his young son Alberto, is not similar to the father. He dreams of breaking free from the dictatorial care. This is an awesome erotic film with a Hell of a appropriate ending. Grandi, Dionisio, Podesta and Scarpitta all add to the erotic atmosphere. Highly recommended!!


dark side of love2.jpg

THE DARK SIDE OF LOVE (1984)-LETTERBOXED PRINT. Directed by Salvatore Samperi, Starring Monica Guerritore, Lorenzo Lena, Gianfranco Manfredi, Gilla Novak. The Italian sex film is an industry in itself.  Here's one of the genre's more interesting entries, from Salvatore Samperi, one of its key directors.  Fotografando Patrizia manages to transcend a conventional young-man-seduced-by-his-older-governess premise through slick direction and a truly perverse storyline that incorporates anonymous sex, voyeurism, infidelity, and even incest.  It's a strange, disturbing and quite erotic film, watchable even by those outside the rain-jacketed crowd. A sixteen-year-old boy (Lorenzo Lena) is confined to his recently deceased grandmother's house after seriously injuring his neck.  His sexy twenty five-year-old sister, Patrizia (played by Italian sex star Monica Guerritore), is dispatched from her home in Venice to stay with him.  Things start out innocently enough, with Patrizia taking the lad on trips to the beach and keeping him company, but soon take a turn for the perverted. Sex-mad Patrizia can't keep her lustful thoughts to herself, and enthusiastically relates her more interesting sexual experiences to her naive little brother.  It's not long before he encourages Patrizia to act out her erotic tales.  This she does, first by having an anonymous tryst with a man in a movie theater, and then moving on to some kinkier acts with a mild-mannered (though horny) college professor.  She even invites a blonde model home to further inflame her brother's libido. Naturally, the sexual tension between brother and sister reaches its apex, but only after Patrizia runs off and marries a good-looking jeweler.  In the happy(?) ending, she decides to keep her now thoroughly corrupted little brother on as an extra-marital lover.


divine nymph_edited.jpg

THE DIVINE NYMPH (1975)-UNCUT 109 MINUTE VERSION (20 EXTRA MINUTES OF LAURA ANTONELLI GOODNESS!), LETTERBOXED PRINT! Director: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, Stars: Laura Antonelli, Terence Stamp, Michele Placido. The sentimental battle that two men, Dany and Michele who are fighting to conquer the heart of Manuela, a beautiful and attractive woman who has become the only person who gives meaning to the lives of both men. They are part of the same lineage and must play their cards properly with the intention of falling in love with the girl. Even so, she goes out of her way to downplay the issue every time people ask about her two suitors.


fruit is ripe.jpg

The Fruit Is Ripe


Olivia Pascal

Patricia is part exhibitionist, part prick teaser. She's supposed to return to Munich and continue her studies, but opts to stay in Greece and bum around. Of course she meets various studs who all want to jump her bones at every opportunity. She teams up with a local guy living on a boat and off they go, to sail and screw. She ends up falling for the guy but he has problems with her wanton ways. Olivia Pascal costars.


GIRLS OF DON JUAN (1973)-BEAUTIFUL LETTERBOXED PRINT. Director: Jean-François Davy, Stars: Anne Libert and Malissa Longo! It all began with the perky young girl that Jerry won as first prize in a radio quiz. Then, the following night, a dark eyed beauty from the local disco followed him home....and stayed! Next the gorgeous girlfriends of Jerry's closest pals ended up in his bed! What started out as the adventures of a virile Don Juan would soon end as a hilarious, sex filled comedy of errors as Jerry learns that there is such a thing as too much fun! It's a lesson in the hazards of infidelity, courtesy of the Girls Of Don Juan!


girls of don juan1.jpg

The Gluttons

Jesus Franco1973

Alice Arno, Robert Woods, Lina Romay

In French with english subs. For fans of Jess Franco's AMAZONES, here's its companion work, shot back to back with the same cast. An island full of beautiful women have insatiable sex drives, known to

exhaust all men who invade their space. Maciste is sent in to overpower them sexually or die

trying (what a way to go!). Alice Arno, Lina Romay co-star.



THE LAST HAREM (1981)-LETTERBOXED PRINT, NOT THE DIGITALLY CENSORED VERSION FROM JAPAN! Directed by Sergio Garrone. George Lazenby is Prince Almalarik, heir of some oil fields who seems to have the last remaining harem (of discontent wives). After marrying Sara (the stunning Corinne Clery), Prince Almalarik decides to give up his harem for one woman. Yet these wives refuse to give up that easily and one (mysteriously) kills Sara. From this point on the film becomes a series of flashbacks as Almalarik buries his dead wife in the sand dunes. He has vowed to punish all the wives unless the killer confesses. While he is gone, the wives wax poetic about their origins of arrival to the harem. Lots of romancing and nudity follow as old Almalarik chases after women, gathering everything he wants like a spoiled Prince. The endings twist is an unsurprising event, yet creepily downbeat.


last harem1.jpg

The Love Box


Alison King, Maggie Wright, Jane Cardew

Excellent British Sexploitation film about the behind the scenes goings on of a skin magazine

and its sleazy adverts section couples use to meet each other. Clients include bored

housewives who secretly lust for a stud to fill their fantasies, a teenage virgin who wants to be

broken in by an older woman, and a couple ready to try a little wife swapping. Alison King,

Maggie Wright and Jane Cardew co-star.


love box_edited.jpg

The Minor

Silvio Amadio1974

Gloria Guida, Rosemary Dexter WITH ENGLISH SUBS

 The director of AMUCK (Silvio Amadio) is the genuis behind this terrific softcore

film starring the luscious Gloria Guida. The film opens with Guida walking to school and being

raped visciously by a motorcycle gang. Turns out she has an active fantasy life (others include

behind stripped, put on a cross and whipped during the times of the Inquisition and being

seduced by a nun). After graduating she returns home to find Daddy has married a younger

woman (Rosemary Dexter). Needless to say they don't get along. She is also trying to find

some local stud to take her virginity and is having no luck there either because of her age! Lots

of nudity by Guida in the type of film that made her an sex star in Italy during the seventies.


mistress is served1.jpg

The Mistress Is Served


Senta Berger, Erika Blanc

In Italian with English subtitles. Facing financial ruin, a Count committs suicide. His crooked

business partner shows up at his villa with the idea of taking it over to help cancel the dead

man's debts. When he arrives he discovers the Count's wife (Senta Berger), sister (Erika

Blanc), and horny young daughter ripe for the pickings. All three of them have the hots for his

younger son (and all three have nice nude scenes too!). Photography is by future softcore

director Pasquale Fanetti (aka Frank De Niro!). This is a longer version of the film THE MISTRESS.


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