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AN ORCHID FOR THE TIGER (1966)-In French with English subs.

For the first time! Chabrol made this fantastic film in the Tiger series (starring Roger Hanin) with the drop dead beauty, Margaret Lee, who spends a lot of time in a leopard skin bikini! Roger Hanin is Louis Rapiere AKA the Tiger, his reoccurring character in several spy flicks. He beds the babes and gets beat up regularly but manages to overcome in the end and this adventure is no exception. This time he's up against a lunatic ex-Nazi type called Hans Wunchendorf, also known as The Orchid, who wants to rule the world with his master race (of course) via his evil organization.


operation st peter2.jpg

OPERATION ST PETER (1967)-In Italian with English subs for the first time.

A Lucio Fulci caper film with Edward G Robinson, Land Buzzanca, Jean-Claude Brialy, and Uta Levka. Small time crook Napoleone falls into an unlikely gang made up of a gangster, called The Baron, and his two cohorts, Agonia and The Captain, where Napoleone takes them to Rome where they shack up with a shady used car dealer caled Il Cajella to help finance their new life of crime by planing to rob a statue from the Vatican. But a big-time American gangster, named Joe Ventura, hears about the heist and wants the priceless statue for himself by having his mistress, Samantha, come onto and betray the woman-hungry Cajella to give the statue away to her.




American Spy romp influenced by the Italians and especially THUNDERBALL, starring Troy Donohue, Andrea Romm,  and Albert Dekker. Set amidst the steamy underworld of Bermuda and Jamaica, this spy adventure chronicles the exploits of a female spy trying to investigate the mysterious murders of two colleagues before an important meeting between the world's most powerful leaders. 


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OO2 OPERATION LUNA (1965)-In Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print.

Lucio Fulci comedy with franco and Ciccio that turns out to be a marvelous spy spoof and it co-stars Monica Randall. When a Russian space craft is lost in space with two cosmonauts on board, the KGB authorities abduct two petty criminals, Franco and Ciccio, to launch them into space and have them return to impersonate the lost cosmonauts, only to have the real cosmonauts, Paradowski and Borovin, return which the two duos cause misunderstandings abound.


red roses for 1172.jpg

Roses for OSS 117 (1968)-Beautiful widescreen print!

Awesome spy film starring John Gavin, Margaret Lee, and Luciana Paluzzi. Released here in a horrible pan and scan version  under the title murder for sale, THIS ONE BLOWS IT AWAY. The American Secret Service sends their best agent, OSS 117, to investigate a number of political murders that the police was not able to prevent. Desguised as a ruthless killer, 'William Chandler', OSS 117 will penetrate the terrorist organization just when it is preparing the murder of Heindrich Van Dyck, the UN delegate to the Middle-East peace process. OSS 117 will use a fake killing of Van Dyck, and substitute corpses, trying to dupe the criminal master mind, Dr. Saadi. Only, the Major is too clever, abducts Aicha, and OSS 117 must fight both for his life (as he must take a daily antidote for a drug he was injected with), Aicha's endangered life, and passing the information of the whereabouts of the terrorists headquarters to the Army before it's too late...




Secret Agent Charles Hood (Vince Edwards) is on the trail of the criminal master spy Hammerhead (Peter Vaughn) and discovers some NATO secrets in between his hobby of collecting antique erotica from around the world.  Hood must stop the evil hammerhead before he uses the secret information to spark an incident of international terrorism.  In order to stop Hammerhead’s sordid plan, he poses as a courier delivering erotica to the spy.Judy Geeson and Diana Dors co-star.


OSS117 RETURNS (1963)-WHAT A RARE FIND! In French with English subs, black and white print, letterboxed print.

During an underwater dive in Corsica, a U.S. officer disappears. The secret service sends agent OSS 117 to investigate, where he discovers a gang of spies in the process of setting up a sophisticated system of submarine detection. OSS 117 is captured but must find a way to escape and put an end to the gang’s operation. This is a good film with great underwater photography and nice location work among the limestone cliffs of Bonifacio, Corsica. The movie shares some similarities to the then-recent Jame Bond picture Dr. No (especially toward the end), but on the other hand the underwater climax anticipates that of Thunderball made two years later, although on a less epic scale. Kerwin Matthews,  Norma Sanders, Irina Demick and directed by Andre Hunnabelle.


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JERK IN ISTANBUL (1967)-in French with English subs, letterboxed print.

French made spy film from the 60s!! Francis Rigaud extremely rare Jerk à Istambul stars Michel Constatin and Jean_francois Poron in this Italo/French international suspenseful thrilling co-production. Also starring is the beautiful and then young Anny Duperey,  in her third film role in which two partners have won many a game, however this time around one of them flees the other with the loot, to Istanbul....


jerk in istanbul.jpg
berlin apocalypse.jpg

BERLIN APOCALYPSE (1967)-In French with English subs, letterboxed print.

Extremely rare sixties spy film with Roger Hanin, Margaret Lee, and Claude Dauphin.  Another very rare Roger Hanin espionage film for our marvelous project, Mario Maffei's second film as director is based on the novel ''Caline Olivia'' by Jean Laborde.  A French secret agent (Hanin) comes by the mysterious disappearances of his colleagues on the track of a plot in East Berlin, involving allies and the Soviet Union against each other wanting distribution of fake, secret documents set up to provoke WWIII...


KISS KISS BANG BANG (1966)-Letterboxed print.

FINALLY A BEAUTIFUL WIDESCREEN PRINT OF THIS OUTSTANDING EUROSPY FILM STARRING GIULIANO GEMMA AND NIEVES NAVARRO!! Kirk Warren, a former spy, is to be executed because he tried to steal a million dollars. But he is saved by Colonel Smithson because Sir Wilcox has prepared a mission for him. Warren has to steal a secret formula in Switzerland and try to expose the real identity of Mr. X. Kirk leaves London and Alina, his girl, together with three clumsy friends to accomplish his not so secret mission. But Kirk's great love is always a million dollars and not a secret formula. Written by Baldinotto da Pistoia.


kiss kiss bang bang.jpg
10 million dollar grab.jpg

THE 10 MILLION DOLLAR GRAB (1966)-Letterboxed print.

Brad Harris, Dana Andrews,  and Elina De Witt star in this rare Bitto Albertini caper film. Brad Harris concocts a plot to steal a ton of money but of course it all goes wrong. A great score by Nico Fidenco makes this a 60s treasure.



What we have here is a delightful French romantic comedy with espionage overtones that even the most spy-hardened viewer will find diverting. Jean Marais is a married businessman with the unlikely moniker of Stanislas Everest Dubois who stumbles into true love and the danger of espionage in the same night. Marais inadvertently picks up the wrong coat while on his first date with Genevieve Page and thus begins the sequence of events that leads him into a world of humorous cops, dimwitted spies, curmudgeon cab drivers, and other sundry characters that cause him much frustration.  Marais is a winning hero who deftly carries the film and Page is cute and clever as the love interest. Gaia Germani has a small role as a double agent who meets her end in Marais' apartment.


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