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Coplan involves the prototype of a revolutionary ramjet stolen from a French factory. The culprits are an employee of the factory and his accomplice, a young Danish woman named Ingrid Carlsen (Virna Lisi). Francis Coplan (played by Dominique Paturel), the sleuth of the French Secret Service, is put on the case. Compromised in a preceding affair, Ingrid escaped from prison thanks to a fellow colleague of Coplan put at foot. To redeem himself, the young agent provides Coplan with the few clues which he has on Ingrid. Gradually, Coplan succeeds in solving the case.




Some French dialogue subtitled in English. Kerwin Mathews stars as The Viscount with  Fernando Rey, Jean Yanne, and sexy Silvia Sorrente. Hollywood star Kerwin Mathews plays a smooth-talking insurance investigator who looks into a bank robbery and ends up breaking up two famous gangs involved in a drug war. The story was based on one of the popular OSS 117 spy books by Jean Bruce.


scorpions and mini skirts.jpg

SCORPIONS AND MINISKIRTS (1967)-In Spanish with English subs, letterboxed print.

An awesome 60s spy film! Director: Ramon ComasCast: Adrian Hoven, Barth Warren, Wolfgang Preis, George Wang, Claudia Gravy. The object of this operation is violence, sadism, and pornography...,So wrote film critic Eduardo Geada, in a daily newspaper ("A Capital" 1970) at the film's premiere. A number of shapely women in mini-skirts, and half-nude in a massage parlour invaded by two fighting groups of spies, and a fast paced actioner, well photographed, and above average as entertainment.



THE MONOCLE (1964)-In french with english subs, letterboxed print.

The French have a way with the spy film (among other things) and this must be among the most eccentric spy films of the 1960's. Paul Meurisse plays Major Theobald Dromar a.k.a. The Monocle, a fey secret agent who wears a monocle (hence the nickname) and cultivates an array of other odd mannerisms. Dromar is exceptionally successful in his work while putting up with the vulgar heathens on both sides of the law that surround him.This adventure of The Monocle matches the strange character of Dromar to a tee (there were two previous films, The Black Monocle and Eye of the Monocle). There is some nice high contrast black and white photography and a great cool jazz score by Michel Magne, who also scored the Fantomas films. But the highlights of the film revolve around the curiosities tossed at the viewer with nonchalance. Director Georges Lautner (The Great Spy Chase) had charge of the previous Monocle films as well so his feel for the character is well ingrained.The plot is simple enough but it has little to do with one's enjoyment of the film, after all. Locations in Hong Kong and Macao are used to great effect. Hong Kong never looked so densely crowded nor Macao so spare and haunting. There is lots of street footage in both places, some typical, but most not so.One of the most unusual spy film experiences, The Monocle grows on you if you give it the chance. As Dromar says at one point `the more I see of the Chinese, it's amazing how like the French they are.


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Director Nicolas Gessner, Cast: Claudio Brook, Mireille Darc, Françoise Brion,  Jean-Jacques Delbo, Edward G. Robinson, Giorgia Moll. Actually more of a spy comedy than a thriller, "The Peking Blonde" is a little confusing at first, but eventually the story (based on a James Chase novel!) and the various conflicting parties involved in it become more clear. Claudio Brook makes for an interesting hero: he's not a spy, but an actor hired to impersonate the husband of an amnesiac woman, who used to be the mistress of a Chinese missile expert, and help her regain her memory. He has no spy skills and he does not care to acquire any spy skills; he's in it only for the money. Brook shows a lot more life in this role than he did in another spy film he made around the same time, "Coplan Saves His Skin". The most beautiful woman in "Peking Blonde" is neither Mireille Darc nor (even) Giorgia Moll, but a redheaded secretary who, at one point, is attacked in her room by two Russians; she fights like a wildcat before they subdue her. But the single most unforgettable moment of this film (at least for me) involves a deadly Asian girl, her toes, and a phone cord - I'll say no more to avoid spoiling it ... 


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Finally a beautiful letterboxed version of this great action film! Tony and Nick are professional thieves recruited by the FBI to topple a fishy shadow government trafficking in counterfeit dollars.  The assignment hurls the heroes from a bogus embassy to the villain's "universal reproducer" laboratory, where the evildoer-in- chief reproduces everything from currency to humanoid robots. While posing as a highly respected children's school philanthropist, the boss bad-ass executes his schemes with the help of clones, goons, and lethal ladies.  Brad Harris and Tony Kendall co-star.


RETURN OF THE MONOCLE (1962)-In French with English subs.

In 1943, a German commando dissimulates a large quantity of gold in an undersea cave on the coast of Corsica. Years later, Schlumpf, the sole survivor of the commando, returns to Corsica to recuperate the treasure -- with British and Soviet spies on his heels, and closely monitored by Dromard, from the French intelligence services. The monocled Dromard is convinced that he can outfox his opponents, but difficulties accumulate: despite his plump appearance, Herr Schlumpf is a sly fellow; Corsica is teeming with treasure hunters from various nationalities; and all parties readily resort to unnatural alliances, brazen treachery, and strong-arm tactics. Who will get the treasure? Paul Meurisse stars as the titular character and Elga Andersen as the female lead, directed by Georges Lautner.


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THE SOLITAIRE ATTACKS (1966)-Letterboxed print.

Roger Hanin stars as Eurospy guy SOLITAIRE! Le solitaire passe à l'attaque stars Roger Hanin as Frank Norman, ace of the French secret service, who's offered by his chief a double mission: to recover an element of a newly discovered French top secret weapon in Spain at the conclusion of a demonstration, and to protect his colleague Robert Goff (Jean Le Febrve), a secret service correspondent in Barcelona, whom covered the operation and has just been “roasted”. Norman goes to Barcelona, where he has one weekend to transport the delivery of a magnetic tape, to contact an engineer in perdition and to save the network…


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foreign exchange.jpg


Ok,what we have here is actually sequel to The Spy Killer 1969, Foreign Exchange is a 1970 British television thriller film directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring Robert Horton, Sebastian Cabot and Jill St. John.  It was based on a novel by Jimmy Sangster. A former British spy arranges an exchange of captured spies with Russia.



Previously available in shitty looking quality, this Giorgio Ardisson spy film looks as good as the day it was released! It looks like a spy movie, it sounds like a spy movie, it's even titled like a spy movie, but "Countdown To Doomsday"  s technically more of a crime / private eye tale: the hero is not a secret agent but a private detective hired by a rich man to look into the kidnapping of his daughter, who is also a reporter who was writing a series of articles trying to expose a drug smuggling ring operating in Caracas. When he goes there, he finds himself under constant attacks and is even framed for murder, so he teams up with a British narcotics agent and his beautiful (and I mean BEAUTIFUL) female partner, as it seems they're all after the same target. The cast does a pretty good job all around, and the action scenes are fairly entertaining. Starring Ardisson, Pascale Petit and Horst Frank, directed by Marcello Baldi.


countdown to doomsday.jpg

THE LOOTERS (1967)-Beautiful widescreen print.

A fun filled caper movie where the bad guys are the good guys. Its pure sixties hokum, and it is truly fine. Frederick Stafford with his classic James Bond type good looks is the main man, assisted by Jean Seberg and a quite bemused Serge Gainsbourg. This is a film that is a total joy from start to finish, and afterwards you will be baying for more of the same. I love it, take me back to the sixties now. It’s all about stolen gold and how everything goes wrong for the two stars as they try and outwit their evil partners.


A LOTUS FOR MISS QUON (1967)-In French with English subs, letterboxed print. 

Another very rare Lang Jeffries film , director Jürgen Roland's Lotosblüten für Miss Quon is based on the 1961 novel ''A Lotus For Miss Quon'' by James Hadley Chase. The plot involves Mark Jason (Lang Jeffries), an American travelling salesman, who finds in his apartment a batch of diamonds that were hidden there by a previous tenant. He'll do his best to keep this unexpected booty, however complications quickly ensue...Also starring in this film are Francesca Tu (debut), Werner Peters, Daniel Emilfork, Salvatore Borghese, Christa Linder, François Cadet, Luciana Paoli and Gianni Rizzo, among others. Also featured is an original soundtrack by revered Italian composer Piero Umiliani. (1967)-In French with English subs, letterboxed print. It doesn’t get much rarer than this Eurospy film starring Tough Guy Lang Jeffries!


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