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OPERATION DOUBLECROSS (1965)-In Spanish with English subs.

Rare Eurospy film with Jean marais and Marisa mell! Based on the novel 'Combat de negres' by René Cambon, Gilles Grangier's Train d'enfer also known as Operation Double Cross and Trampa Bajo el Sol in this particular print, stars Jean Marais as a French secret agent who finds himself wrapped up in a shady criminal affair which he sets to resolve by pitting his astuteness, strength and audacity against countless perils in this gripping thriller, also see Jean Marais' great Karate technique, with complicated and dangerous holds you're guaranteed a good old dose of action and violence!. Don't forget of course the beautiful and voluptuous Marisa Mell!.


chinese puzzle for judoka.jpg

A CHINESE PUZZLE FOR JUDOKA (1964)-In French with English subs.

Presented in it's original French dialogue, and VERY rarely shown on television, Maurice Labro's last of 6 espionage films stars Marc Briand (actually a true judoka, who's acting career was short lived) as Marc St-Clair, who brilliantly wins a gold medal at a tournament at a school of Kendo in Japan. He offers his trophy to his friend Clyde (Paolo Tiller), an American pilot, shortly before Clyde's set to fly in the company of a C.I.A. agent (Heinz Drache) on an experimental supersonic bomber, to a mission of espionage in China. In the absence of Clyde, Marc falls in love with Jennifer (Marilù Tolo), Clyde's girlfriend. Thus he feels more keenly the pangs of guilt when he learns that the bomber had crashed at sea, Marc leaves for Hong Kong and learns from the lips of a charming Asian (Maria Minh), that Clyde is still alive and held prisoner by a neo-nazi organization...


Killers Are Challenged.jpg

KILLERS ARE CHALLENGED (1966)-Letterboxed print!

Fleming Bob Fleming spends most of the movie milling around the same hotel in Casablanca getting mixed up with a variety of sexy babes who are trying to kill him.  He's in deep cover as the genius scientist Coleman who, along with two others, has discovered an alternative energy source to oil. The other two have been murdered and Coleman is next on the list and he's gone so far as to have plastic surgery to hide his true identity from potential assassins.  This is perfect for the CIA's efforts to protect Coleman and to root out the killers because it allows Fleming Bob Fleming to assume Coleman's identity.  It might have been a teensy bit less than perfect though since this plastic surgery somehow turned an old ugly dude into a strapping blonde stud, but Fleming Bob Fleming even thought of that! Great Spy film with Richard Harrison, Susy Andersen, and Wanda Guidisa, directed by Antonio Margheriti.



SOUTH OF E’PAULE (1978)-In French with English subs.

This film starts out like a lot of espionage thrillers: an innocent man witnesses a murder and finds himself mixed up in a deadly intrigue of spies and counter-spies. "Un papillon sur l'épaule" works better because it never fully gives up its mystery. We know that something sinister is afoot and we can make some intelligent guesses, but the thing is never spelled out for us. Lino Ventura is like Alice (a paunchy, middle-aged Alice) who tumbles down a rabbit-hole and wakes up in a world that's not quite the same as before, where no-one believes him or can explain what's happening and where innocuous-looking strangers suddenly take on a menacing significance. The white rabbit of this particular looking-glass world is played by Claudine Auger, a slinky spy who keeps whizzing up in a battered car to dispense gnomic advice and warnings. Paul Crauchet, who acted with Ventura nine years earlier in Melville's "L'Armée des ombres", plays a lunatic in pyjamas with an imaginary talking butterfly on his shoulder and a scarecrow in his bed. . The film stars Lino Ventura and was directed by Jacques Deray.


coffin from hong kong.png

A COFFIN FOR HONG KONG (1964)-In german with English subs, letterboxed print.

A private detective finds the limp body of Greta Chi(a Chinese/Danish actress of the 60s) in his office, shot with his own gun. Shortly afterward, an attempt is made on his own life, which causes him to travel to Hong Kong in order to duck the police and unravel a complicated mystery involving drug smuggling and secret societies. Rare eurospy film with Heinz Drache and Elga Andersen.


002 secret agent.JPG

002 SECRET AGENTS (1964)-In Italian with English subs, letterboxed print.

Directed by Lucio Fulci, Franco and Ciccio are two simple-minded Italian guys whom are mistaken by KGB spies by government agents from their government and other foreign governments. Ingrid Schoeller provides the cheesecake.


7 MINUTES BEFORE DEATH (1968)-In Spanish with English subs, letterboxed print. Ramón Fernández's extremely hard to find only espionage film Siete minutos para morir stars Paolo Gozlino as Bill Howard, a business associate assigned by the United States consulate in Hong Kong to report in detail on the movements of nationalist agents operating in communist China. So he does, until through an encounter by the docks of the city he is assassinated before he is capable of turning in the information to the United States consulate. Immediately the consulate contacts it's national secret service who assign Mike Russo (George Hilton) to the job to retrieve the stolen and necessary information back from who stole it. Mike manages to escape miraculously an attempt on his life in Hong Kong and finds out that the Italian mafia is somehow implicated in the affair, he therefore flies to Milan in pursuit of a confusing lead which step by step appears to make more and more sense...Claudia Gravy co-stars.


7 minutes before death2.jpg


When a U.S. marine is reported missing, five CIA operatives are sent to Singapore to investigate the soldier's disappearance in this spy actioner. Rare film starring Sean Flynn (son of Erroll) in his last performance before disappearing in Vietnam.  Directed by Bernard Toublanc-Michel.


5 ashore for singapore.jpg
kill panther kill (2).jpg

KILL PANTHER KILL (1968)-Letterboxed print.

Beautiful print of this film in the Kommissar X spy series. Brad harris and Tony Kendall star. In the opening moments of Kill, Panther, Kill! we see the daring escape, during a prison transfer, of master criminal Arthur Tracy (Franco Fantasia). Tracy has been in stir for four years after thieving a fortune in jewels worth three million dollars. Now his loyal henchmen, Anthony and Smokey, lie in wait beside a desolate hillside road that’s apparently intended to be overlooking Malibu — but is actually some anonymous European location — as the LAPD van baring Arthur approaches. After dispensing with Arthur’s guards in a hail of machinegun fire, the three pile into a getaway car, at which point Anthony (Siegfried Rauch) says he knows of an ideal place for them to hold up.


EASY DEATH IN GHENT (1967)-In French with English subs, letterboxed print.

American Teddy Jason, an expert diver/mercenary [played by George Hilton] is hired by a group of revolutionaries from a fictitious North African country, to extract some diamonds from the wreck of a government plane at the bottom of the sea.  Jason is caught by the authorities, but manages to hide the loot just before his arrest.  He's thrown into a prison/labor camp [The mines of paradise] on the other side of the desert and tortured for information on the diamonds hiding place.  With the help of a few prison inmates he manages to affect a daring escape and cross the blazing desert back to Ghentar.  He plans to pick up the loot and take off with it for himself [typical mercenary], but gets caught up in the revolution and helps overthrow the ruling dictator in the process.  Also of special note is the fact that, although all information indicates that this was directed by Leon Klimovsky, apparently Mr George Hilton himself once said in an interview that it was actually directed by Enzo G. Castellari.  I would put my money on Enzo as director for this film.  Anybody familiar with both directors and their styles will quickly identify the Enzo behind the camera here.  Hilton also said that he regretted the fact that this movie did not receive much attention and was not as popular as his other films from the same era.


easy death in ghent.jpg

HOW I STOLE THE ATOMIC BOMB (1964)-In Italian with English subs

Rare Lucio Fulci film! Franco, an Italian fisherman, witnesses a U.S. Air Force plane crash in the Mediterranean off Egypt carrying a nuclear weapon, and he is then pursued by shady spy, named Ciccio, working for a spy organization led by the sinister Dr. Si (Yes) to find the atom bomb before anyone else does to blackmail the world, which leads to Franco and Ciccio forming an unlikely alliance to get the bomb for themselves.


ELECTRA 1 (1966)-Letterboxed print.

Director: Alfonso Balcázar, Cast: Maria Badmayev, Vivi Bach, Juan Llusa, Gérard Landry, Ignazio Leone, George Martin, Michael Monfort, Georges Chamarat, Rosalba Neri. Daniele Vargas is Electra, a dangerous maniac with a mighty organization behind him.


electra 1.jpg
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