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heads or tails 4.jpg

HEADS OR TAILS (1969)-Outstanding Spaghetti western finally available letterboxed and in english. Stars John Erickson and Edwige fenech (who has nude scenes here!). Shanda is charged with the murder of the banker, Burton and to save her from being lynched, the sheriff sends her off to Phoenix. During the trip the two deputies to whom she's been entrusted rape and leave her in the desert, certain that she's dead. The girl is found by Black Talisman, an outlaw, who takes her to his hideout, nurses her back to health and after hearing her story, determines to avenge her and clear her name.


7 PISTOLS FOR TIMOTHY (1966)- LETTERBOXED PRINT. Errol's son Sean Flynn plays Timothy, a young lawyer who inherits a gold mine. The bandit Rodriguez ( played by Fernando Sancho) tries to get hold of the mine by killing Timothy, but soon finds Timothy is not alone. Five experienced fighters teach the young man everything he needs to know about riding, shooting and drinking (!), and with the help of a silent stranger, they become "seven magnificent guns" ("Sette magnifiche pistole") to fight the bandits. "I never get into trouble with the law - I am the law!", Rodriguez/Sancho once exclaims, and his oh-so typical role is pure bliss. The education of a greenhorn to turn him into a real westerner is hardly a new story, but told with enthusiasm. Even if the picture is flawed, obviously made with a low budget and suffering from lack of originality, it is surprisingly entertaining.


7 pistols for timothy.jpg
last ride from santa cruz.jpg

LAST RIDE TO SANTA CRUZ (1964)-IN GERMAN WITH  ENG SUBS, THE REST ENG DUBBED, LETTERBOXED PRINT. Director: Rolf Olsen. Cast: Edmund Purdom, Mario Adorf, Marianne Koch, Klaus Kinski, Marisa Mell. A crooked lawman unjustly sends a man to prison. When the man is released from prison he returns for revenge. Briton Edmund Purdom is the good guy, German Klaus Kinski is the villain, and another Teutonic talent, Marianne Koch, is the heroine. The action follows the usual pattern of American horse operas, with a little more emphasis on bloody beatings and graphic gunplay.


LAST TREASURE OF THE AZTECS (1964)-LETTERBOXED PRINT. Director: Piero Pierotti. Cast: Alan Steel (Cergio Ciani), Mario Petri, Wolfgang Lukschy, Brigitte Heiberg. It’s known as both Lost Treasure of the Incas and Lost Treasure of the Aztecs in the US. But hey, everybody knows the Incas lived in Peru and the Aztecs in Mexico, so with cowboys and western towns thrown into the mix, Aztecs would be slightly more plausible, geographically speaking. Alan Fox is being taken to Silver City to be tried for the murder of old Nixon, Janet's father. On the way the coach is attacked by a group of bandits headed by the real murderer: Jerry Damon. During the fight, Alan and a young Indian manage to escape. Samson, an old friend of Alan's, is convinced Alan has been killed and swears to revenge his death. Damon makes another attempt on Alan's life before heading off to the Palladi mountains in search of the golden treasure of the Incas.


lost treasure of the aztecs.jpg

TIERRA BRUTAL (1963)-LETTERBOXED PRINT. In Sonora, in a lonesome valley near the border of Arizona: ex-major Summer tries to forget about the horrors of the war of independence on his farm. He has foresworn to violence. His intention is put to the test when a gang of villains ravages the small town. Also, another note of interest is that it was directed by Michael Carreras, more known as a producer in the golden era of Hammer Films. Here he does a fine job as a director and uses the wonderful Almería settings very well, creating some very nice visuals. Richard Basehart, Don Taylor, and Alex Nicol star.


savage guns.jpg
viva carrancho.jpg

VIVA CARRANCHO (1965)-IN ITALIAN WITH ENG SUBS, LETTERBOXED PRINT. Red (Rayo) and Carrancho, after escaping from jail, reach the Mexican border and are hired by Morton, a rich silvermine owner. Disgusted by Morton's cruelty, especially against the local peons, the two support a revolt organized with the aid of Mrs. Viviane, wife of the ruthless tyrant. This rare western stars Fernando Sancho, Luis davila Robert Wood and Lorena Nusciak.


YOU'RE JINXED SACRAMENTO (1970)-LETTERBOXED PRINT. Cast: Ty Hardin (Jack Thompson/'Sacramento'), Christan Hay (Jim Thompson), Jenny Atkins (Maggie Thompson), Giacomo Rossi-Stuart (Tom Murdock), Krista Nell, Stelvio Rosi, Dana Ghia. This fast-moving tale revolves around the kidnaping of a boxer's daughter. The boxer pays the ransom money but the girl is still not released. Her boyfriend decides to get her back his own way.


you're jinxed sacramento.jpg
4 pistols-trinity.jpg

4 PISTOLS FOR TRINITY (1971)- Cast: Peter Lee Lawrence (George Shelley/Lincoln), Ida Galli (as Evelyn Stewart)(Julia), Phillipe Hersent (Marshal Thomas), Raf Baldassarre (as Ralph Baldwin)(Parody/Paradine henchman), Daniela Giordano (Sarah Bowman). Arms trafficking with the Indians on the one hand and acquiring documents concerning the ownership of a goldmine on the other are the principal interests of Quin and Gomez, the highly suspicious guests at Papa Martinez' inn. The unexpected arrival of the sheriff Thomas, and the journalist, George, upsets the plans of the two unsavory allies and they have to try every kind of trick to win out against such adversaries.


rebels in canada.jpg

REBELS IN CANADA (1965)-IN SPANISH WITH ENGLISH SUBS. I finally got a chance to see this Euro Western from Amando de Ossorio (THE BLIND DEAD). George Martin stars as a beefy frontiersman who joins up with a rabble of hunter/prospector types operating along the US/Canadian border and running afoul of the Royal Mounties. Things come to a head when they kidnap the only blond haired woman within a thousand miles as a bartering tool, who it turns out is all too happy to be removed from the clutches of the local land baron that paid good money to have a trophy wife sent up north to him. George Martin makes an appealing if somewhat ordinary he-man sort of lead, and more enjoyment is found watching the contributions of cult movie icons Franco Fantasia and Raf Baldessare as two of the frontiersmen


go with god gringo2.jpg

GO WITH GOD GRINGO (1966)-beautiful Letterboxed print. The "Criss" kill Gringo's brother causing the blame for the death of the Perkins to fall on him. He is taken to prison, but with his friends Mexico and four other bandits he escapes. As they flee they reach a village in which a fair is held but someone recognizes them and they must leave taking a dancer, Carmen, as a hostage. Gringo tries to protect her and is left in the desert all alone. The bandits then rob a mail-coach and kill the escorts. Gringo who is following the bandits gets hold of the pistol of one of the murdered men and kills the bandit who had him in the desert. The group of men experience several adventures which will prove that Gringo is innocent. Finally free, Gringo leaves with Carmen and his faithful friend Mexico.   Tough, well made SW with an exceptional first hour, which follows a heterogeneous group of prison escapists on their getaway journey in a stagecoach. After an unbelievably silly scene, the film returns to the background story, which is resolved in a good but conventional ending. Another good SW by director Edoardo Mulargia, Glenn Saxson, Lucretia Love, Ignazio Spalla, Aldo Berti, Livio Lorenzon, Pasquale Simeoli co-star.


return of holy ghost.jpg

RETURN OF THE HOLY GHOST (1972)-In Italian with english subs, letterboxed print. The filnal film in the rare Holy Spirit Trilogy directed by Roberto Mauri and starring Vassili Karis. Also starring , Remo Capitani, Daria Norman, Craig Hill, Josè Torres, and Giovanni Cianfriglia. Holy Ghost is accused of stealing a lot of gold sent from Fort Phoenix; those who accuse him is Diego, a bandit interested to the gold. The ingots, in fact, have been stolen by a fake colonel and a fake sergeant.


black eagle.jpg

BLACK EAGLE OF SANTA FE (1965)- Beautiful widescreen print! A bloody Indian raid on a small town sends the citizens to a local fort for protection. With only a handful of men left in his command and his hands tied by army regulations, the fort’s Captain turns to frontiersman Clint McPhearson (Brad Harris) to uncover why the Comanches are on the rampage. It turns out that the Indian leader Black Eagle is reluctantly sending his people to avenge the deaths caused by renegades masquerading as soldiers. Male lead Brad Harris is best known for his roles in sword & sandal films such as The Fury of Hercules and Samson. He also appeared in numerous Euro action-thrillers during the 1960s including Death Trip, Kiss Kiss Kill Kill, and So Darling So Deadly.


God in Heaven Arizona On Earth.jpg

God In Heaven, Arizona On Earth

Ignacio Iquino1972

Peter Lee Lawrence, Maria Pia Conte, Roberto Camardiel

Letterboxed print. Peter Lee Lawrence, Maria Pia Conte, and

Roberto (DJANGO KILL) Camardiel star in this excellent Spaghetti Western by Ignacio Iquino

and featuring an outstanding score by Bruno Nicolai! Lawrence plays a smalltime

drifter/conman who fancies himself a bit like Robin Hood. When he comes up against a sadistic

town boss, he decides to get serious and begins a quest for a very bloody quest for vengeance.


4 Candles For My Colt


Robert Woods, Chris Huerta 

Letterboxed print. Robert Woods stars in this Spaghetti Western about a town under the control of an evil landowner (Chris Huerta). When one of the townsfolk rebels, he is killed. Meanwhile the Sheriff (Robert Woods in a performance that can only be described as a man on acid!) decides he's had enough and wants to arrest the cruel boss. However he's gonna need a lot of help to accomplish this!


4 candles for a colt.jpg
gunshy piluk.jpg

Gun Shy Piluk

Guido Celano1968

Edmund Purdom

Guido Celano didn't make many Spaghetti Westerns, but the ones he did make were so odd

they have to be seen. Here he lets an old man be the hero gunfighter! He's fast on the draw

and a sly sadistic killer. The sheriff (Edmund Purdom) is baffled by the deaths of a family of

killers and can't imagine old Piluk as being their murderer (he's getting revenge for the death

of his son). Excellent score by Carlo Savina make this one more reason why Italian westerns

were so much better than their American counterparts of the time. Letterboxed.


Cold Killer.jpg

THE COLD KILLER (1967)-PREVIOUS VERSIONS WERE CUT AND HAD DUTCH SUBS. THIS IS THE UNCUT VERSION WITH NO HARD SUBS!Director: Guido Celano, Cast: Bruno Piergentili, Rita Ferrel, Lillian Faber. Jose Desmet (Dan Harrison), a butler, killed his employer because the latter, once a district judge, had long ago condemned Desmet's father, a well known gangster, to death. When Desmet tries to seduce Salazar's daughter, who is heir to a goldmine, kills a woman and the village doctor because they had found out that he was selling weapons to the Indians, a government investigator, together with the sheriff, sets out to put an end to Desmet's activities. A story based on revenge that knows no bounds and influences the avenger to the degree that his desire to "get even" drives him to a despotic and overbearing behavior even in circumstances entirely unrelated to his original aim.


Django Kills Softly.jpg

Django Kills Silently
Massimo Pupillo1966

George Eastman, Liani Orfei

Django (George Eastman) comes to town to visit a friend, but upon arriving, finds him and his family massacred by the bandit El Santo (who does NOT wear a mask!). He ends up Helping guide a wagon train through Santo's territory, but is doublecrossed by them and decides to play both sides against each other with him left standing to gain the reward. Liani Orfei co-stars in this Massimo Pupillo directed western. Letterboxed print


Fasthand Is Still My Name.jpg

FAST HAND IS STILL MY NAME (1973)-LETTERBOXED PRINT. Director: Mario Bianchi, Stars: Alan Steel, William Berger, Frank Brana. Finished Civil War and after fighting in the North side , officer Jeff Donovan (Alan Steel or Sergio Ciani) returns home . A gang of former confederates led by Machedo (William Berger) and his hoodlums ( Frank Braña, Fernando Bilbao) lay siege to a Cavalry fort, killing everyone except for Jeff whom they torture mercilessly . Blinded by revenge, ex-Union captain Donovan and now dressed in black loses all confidence in the law and gradually becomes a deranged outlaw . Jeff doesn't hesitate to prosecute to hell Machedo , being only helped by an Union veteran (Francisco Sanz) and an Indian girl . He takes the path to a little town where resides Machedo and his band harassing them until a final fight . It's an exciting western with breathtaking showdown between the protagonists Alan Steel or Sergio Ciani and his enemy , William Berger and underlings , Frank Braña and Fernando Bilbao . There is plenty of action and crossfire in the movie , guaranteeing a shootout or stunt every few minutes along with a lot of violence , including killings in cold blood .


god is my colt.jpg

GOD IS MY COLT (1972)-LETTERBOXED PRINT. Directors: Luigi Batzella (as Dean Jones), Joe D'Amato (uncredited), Stars: Jeff Cameron, Krista Nell, Esmeralda Barros. A gang of landgrabbers, led by Mexican bandit Manuel, terrorizes the small town of Landford City. The sheriff asks the army for help, which orders Captain Mike Jackson to see what is going on in his old home town and also search for a government agent who has disappeared in that area. Jackson immediately finds himself in the middle of fistfights and shoot-outs with the bandits, who not only have a tight grip on the local farmers but also force Mary, the woman Jackson once intended to marry, to work as a saloon girl.


god may forgive but i won't (2).jpg

GOD MAY FORGIVE BUT I WON'T (1968)-LETTERBOXED PRINT. Director: Vincenzo Musolino (as Glenn Vincent Davis), Stars: George Ardisson, Dragomir 'Gidra' Bojanic, Pietro Martellanza. While Cjamango is away from his ranch six bandits attack and kill all the members of his family. Disrupted by this tragedy he sets out to take his revenge. One by one he kills the bandits and learns along the way that a relative of his wife are involved in this crime. When MacDonald is killed, Cjamango (George Ardisson) hunts down the murderers in a typical revenge story. Jack Smart (Peter Martell) drinks too much, doesn't live up to his name and is killed quickly. His older brother Dick (Anthony Ghidra) gets a lot of men together now and chases Cjamango. Barrica (Pedro Sanchez) knows that there is a price on the heads of most pursuers, so in exchange for the bounty money, he helps Cjamango. After the courteous exchange of various brutalities between Cjamango and the smarter Smart brother, Cjamango remembers a friend of his father owns a machine gun from the civil war.


hallelujah and sartana strike again.jpg

HALLELUJAH AND SARTANA STRIKE AGAIN (1972)-Letterboxed print. Ron Ely, Robert Widmark and Uschi Glass co-star in this Mario Siciliano western. Two con artists wind up helping the members of a small-town church keep from losing their money to a gang of crooks.


hands up deadman.jpg

HANDS UP DEAD MAN, YOU'RE UNDER ARREST (1971)-LETTERBOXED PRINT. Director: Sergio Bergonzelli (credited to Leon Klimovsky). Cast: Espartaco Santoni (Mancino / Dollar), Peter Lee Lawrence (Sando Kid / Kid Johnson), Helga Liné (Maybelle). The hero – called Sando Kid(?!) and played by Peter Lee Lawrence – is helped by a stuttering priest/ex-soldier pal and a rambunctious ranger/bounty-hunter (whose presence is always threatening to have some import on the central plot, but it never actually does!). The villain (typically, he wants to run citizens off their rightful land through terrorism for his own profit) is genre regular Aldo Sanbrell, his 'moll' "Euro-Cult" starlet Helga Line'; of course, Lawrence and friends won't stand for this (Sanbrell had actually met them during the war, where they were once again fighting on opposite sides…but he's conveniently erased all memory of his callous massacre of the wounded enemy at a time when hostilities had already ceased!).


his name is holy ghost (2).jpg

HIS NAME WAS HOLY GHOST (1972)-UNCUT HD VERSION WITH 10 EXTRA MINUTES OF FOOTAGE, LETTERBOXED PRINT. Director: Giuliano Carnimeo (as Anthony Ascott), Stars: Gianni Garko, Pilar Velázquez, Cris Huerta. Gianni Garko stars as the Holy Ghost, a quasi supernatural gunfighter dressed in white and with a dove sitting on his shoulder. Holy Ghost arrives in Mexico to find some gold in a mine. He gets involved in a revolution against General Ubarte (Poldo Bendandi) who has taken over the country. He needs the revolutionaries to find the gold and helps them out. Along for the ride he gets an old friend nicknamed ‘Chicken’ (Chris Huerta).


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